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Alexius McCoy2 years ago
How To Budget Successfully
Budgeting is not something you typically learn in school, but it is a life skill that everyone needs to know and master. I will show you how I learned to budget as a kid and how I adapted it to my adu...
M Yo2 years ago
Gideon - The First Psychologist
The father of psychology is widely known as Wilhelm Wundt, who established the first research laboratory dedicated to psychology, in Leipzig in 1879 (Braisby & Gellatly, 2005) The most significant and...
Frank White2 years ago
My Father Taught Me The Three Fundamentals of Success
I was reminded of my father today. He passed away a long time ago. One of the most interesting effects of time is its ability to heal wounds and amplify strengths. If I let time mesmerize me, my fathe...
Patty Ramsen2 years ago
Feminism for Women in 1970s Finance Professions
When a group of feminists marched down to Wall Street in the 1970s they were met with something akin to apathy. There was little sympathy in the world of bulls and bears for women's liberation, partic...
Matt Cates3 years ago
Work, Kids, College, Rotate
Hard to type an essay on Gothic literature bouncing a baby on your knee. But with each bound of the red-headed binky sucker, I reminded myself: “This is what you wanted, man.” Homework was due on Ann ...
Frank White3 years ago
Why Were Cigars a Symbol of Corporate Success?
Winston Churchill, John F Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Stalin and Che Guevara – political icons on both sides of the divide – are all well known for their companion piece, the cigar. Men of wealth, and powe...