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Savannah White7 months ago
The Effects of "Likes"
Generation Like, a documentary on the effects of "likes" on our generation and our world, investigates the effects of social media on millennials and how they interact with content and other people. I...
Mimo le Singe7 months ago
Wordsmen Unite: A Concept
When I was still in university, one of my best friends and I had this old idea to create and promote a hypothetical web service that would connect creators and publishing professionals. I don't know i...
Abheek Jamwal8 months ago
Journalism on Social Media
The Lies Beneath the Truth
Francis Milligan8 months ago
What's the ROI on Social Media?
It’s 2018, your business should have some sort of social media presence, for some it is their only online presence. If you do not have social media in your marketing mix just yet, stop right here, rea...
Richard Bailey8 months ago
Creating a Twitter Marketing Strategy
Before starting your marketing strategy, it is a good idea to ask yourself why you are doing this, what are your goals for this marketing strategy? Here are some methods you can use to create your Twi...
Francis Milligan9 months ago
Create Content That Pleases Your Audience
For so many small businesses, maintaining a social media platform and populating it with engaging content can be difficult. Even for agencies maintaining the social channels for SME's, creating fresh ...
Patrick Boniface9 months ago
How to Use LinkedIn to Win New Business
Everyone who is a successful business person at one time or another had to learn from someone else. The people who have made it big did so in a number of ways, but with the age of the internet and soc...
Sheethal Vijay9 months ago
What Are the Top Most Popular Social Media Platforms As of 2018?
With the recent news on Facebook privacy of the users being compromised, the trend that emerged was all about Facebook account deletion by users. The fact is that a lot of brands still depend on Faceb...
Brett Rummel9 months ago
How Reddit Became My Most Useful Promoting Tool
Ah, the front page of the internet. I was never big on Reddit until recently. Like myself, I imagine many of you are reading various articles on Vocal trying to gain inspiration to write that compelli...
Sinead Curry9 months ago
Social Media Should Be Your Priority. Here's Why.
Did you know there are now more than 700 Million active Instagram users? 3 Billion people are expected to be using Social Media by 2020. By 2030, it's estimated that literally half the worlds populati...
Rishi Das9 months ago
The Beauty of Vocal
Vocal. You're currently on this site scrolling through different articles. Vocal is this writer's YouTube. You can write about anything you want and express yourself on everything without any restrict...
Ben Leach10 months ago
5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Personal Brand
Social media accounts for 28 percent of the amount of time spent on the internet in total and each user spends an average of nearly two hours each day scrolling through their feeds. But have you ever ...
Francis Milligan10 months ago
Effective Marketing on Instagram
Instagram: that little app that Facebook stole and changed the way millennials and businesses share content. With the platform growing at a vast rate due to the new implementation of shopping, stories...
Josh Firmin10 months ago
Commercial Impact Is No Longer Enough
I've been consistently of the view that, especially over the last 5 years, businesses must ensure that they focus on being socially conscious if they want to maximise their appeal to consumers. My bas...
Top Four Secret Video Marketing Strategies
So you’re a small business owner, an entrepreneur or maybe someone just interested in online growth, and EVERYONE seems to be talking about social media and video marketing. Well, it’s time for a wake...
Creating a Simple Social Media Strategy
With social media usage on the rise every day and more ways for people to connect with each other, share their lives' little tidbits and be exposed to by many companies, what can be done to ensure tha...
Chloe Waltona year ago
Snapchat has a lot of companies wondering if it is really worth them having an account and if you can actually advertise your company very well through the social media platform. So, what are the prob...
Chloe Waltona year ago
How to Gain More Followers on Your Company Twitter
With 330 million active users monthly, Twitter is a great place for companies to advertise their business. By gaining followers, you increase your brand awareness and the number of customers you have....