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Leigh Fishera month ago
Where to Start? Being a Writer Turned Vlogger
As a writer, it's important to harness every aspect of content creation and digital marketing. If you can do it and learn how to do it well, it'll benefit you in the long run. Since I did a fair bit of video editing in my student days for fun, I decided to give vlogging a whirl. I'm still pretty new to it and learning along the way, but I do have a few beginner tips to share. I have about four months under my belt now and a key that I have yet to get on my keyring is a consistent update schedule...
Ahmed A.a month ago
Social Media Use in the Workplace—4 Do's and 4 Don'ts
Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. Love it or hate it, people are not going to stop using social media anytime soon. According to a study published by Statista, 77 percent of...
Taia Jeana month ago
My YouTube Life
This year, I decided that I would start a YouTube channel again. After spending hours upon hours of watching people, I talked to those closest to me. They all encouraged me and said I would be great i...
Brandi Brown2 months ago
Gain More Twitter Followers
The average Twitter account has 707 followers. That number is a significant increase over 2012 when the average feed had around 250 followers. The rise of the celebrity tweeter is part of the reason f...
David Wyld2 months ago
Branded as a Rat
This is the kind of story that gives top executives of any service-oriented business today nightmares! In our age of social media, it only takes one story, one post, one video, or one picture to possi...
Leigh Fisher2 months ago
Using Social Media Professionally
It’s common for prospective employers or university admissions committees to Google candidates. What they find can either be great, nonexistent, or rather bad. Keeping in contact with friends and fami...
Michael Toru3 months ago
Fear{less} Social Media
“Okay, I need to create a post for my business. Something that catches my audience's attention. It should offer a lot of value. Be funny. Present a revolutionary new concept. Be authentic to my brand....
Amanda Bennett4 months ago
Promote Your Etsy Shop on Facebook the Right Way!
Ok, if I see one more "genuine" follow for follow post on facebook I think my head might explode. STOP IT, STOP IT, STOP IT, RIGHT NOW!!!!!! Yes, everyone knows facebook is a fantastic tool for promot...
Francis Milligan4 months ago
Understand, Measure, and Report Social Media ROI
So if you read my last post then you’ll know that 40 percent of businesses cannot accurately measure the ROI of their social media. The following post is for the 40 percent. Let’s ensure that everyone...
Jordan Catto4 months ago
5 Steps to Grow Your Brand on Social Media
Developing an online brand, or a presence for your business seems like an easy task. You create a profile, fill in a few text boxes, upload a photo, and you're golden, right? Wrong. It can be easy to ...
Edward Anderson5 months ago
Like For Nothing
“Like my page!” It’s one of the most common posts on writing groups on Facebook. It seems like every day there are millions upon millions of requests for someone to like a business or Author Page. Her...
Savannah White5 months ago
The Effects of "Likes"
Generation Like, a documentary on the effects of "likes" on our generation and our world, investigates the effects of social media on millennials and how they interact with content and other people. I...
Milica Marković5 months ago
Wordsmen Unite: A Concept
When I was still in university, one of my best friends and I had this old idea to create and promote a hypothetical web service that would connect creators and publishing professionals. I don't know i...
Abheek Jamwal6 months ago
Journalism on Social Media
The Lies Beneath the Truth
Francis Milligan6 months ago
What's the ROI on Social Media?
It’s 2018, your business should have some sort of social media presence, for some it is their only online presence. If you do not have social media in your marketing mix just yet, stop right here, rea...
Richard Bailey6 months ago
Creating a Twitter Marketing Strategy
Before starting your marketing strategy, it is a good idea to ask yourself why you are doing this, what are your goals for this marketing strategy? Here are some methods you can use to create your Twi...
Francis Milligan7 months ago
Create Content That Pleases Your Audience
For so many small businesses, maintaining a social media platform and populating it with engaging content can be difficult. Even for agencies maintaining the social channels for SME's, creating fresh ...