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"How Did You Want to Spend Your Life?": Fight Club Philosophy Meets Overseas English Teaching

Matt Cates
in Culture

"I don't want to change your life," I wrote to her via Facebook Messenger. And that was true...because what I wanted was for her to change her own life. My role was only to act as catalyst... Stop, le...

The Facebook Algorithm Explained

Fahim Ahmed
in How To

A few years ago, back when Facebook relatively had a lot fewer users, you would be able to view every post from pages you liked in your timeline. Now, with almost 2 BILLION users active on the site, a...

6 Thoughts and 10 Tools for Fueling Demand-Gen with Social Selling

Jock Breitwieser
in How To

On February 27, 2017 in San Francisco, I presented at the NorCal BMA Marketing Roundtable to a group of 50 marketing professionals on the topic of Fueling the demand-gen engine with social selling. Fo...

The Story of Your Life

Lee John
in How To

I’m about to expose the realities behind taking your dream of becoming an author and actually making it happen. First, the reality check...have you ever considered how much time and effort goes into writing a book? As an author of seven books I know how time consuming, brain-aching and testing it can be to develop your story line, weave twists and turns into your story to keep readers engaged so they want to keep turning pages, make your characters believable, likable, and lovable. That said, wh...

What It's Like To Be: An Online Blogger

Riley Reese
in How To

For the past 6-odd years, I've been working as an online blogger - most recognizably in the relationship field. I've been republished on Yahoo, and also on Huffington Post. So, I like to think I'm pro...

Interview with Bob from YouTube's "I Like to Make Stuff"

Jason Schwartz
in Entertainment

What if you could turn your passion into a career? Bob from "I Like to Make Stuff" was able to turn his dream into a reality; from custom tables to skateboards, this YouTube channel shows everyday people how they can make amazing projects. Jason: For the readers that aren't familiar with your work, what exactly do you do? Bob: I make stuff! Honestly though, it’s crazy. I get to make anything that is of interest to me and show other people how I did it. Some projects are small utility items for t...

Run Your Own Newspaper (Part 5)

Robert Bayley
in How To

I never thought about distribution when I blindly accepted ownership of the local newspaper. Luckily it was already in place, but if you are starting from scratch, obviously you will have to think abo...

Two Twitter Tricks

Made in DNA
in How To

By now, most people know all the tricks there are to Twitter, but there are still a few out there some people haven't caught on to yet. So, here are two tricks for content providers/sellers, storytell...

Run Your Own Newspaper (Part 3)

Robert Bayley
in How To

I didn't know that part of the reason that I was offered the newspaper was that a competing magazine had been created and advertisers for my (soon to be) newspaper were being enticed away partly becau...

The Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

Nicolina Wroblewski
in Culture

1. Live Video Live video is something that is popping up everywhere. From Facebook’s Live feature and Instagram’s Stories to Twitter’s native integration with video and Periscope. The major social net...

Performance Art

Annessa Babic
in Culture

Performance Art. When you live a city, one like NYC, often mere everyday acts of commuting can feel like moments on someone's movie screen. In the summer, well year around to be truthful, I frequent t...

DEED: The App That Makes Volunteering Easy

Rick Schwartz
in Culture

If the best inventions are indeed borne out of necessity, then DEED definitely fits the category. Volunteering in New York, like many cities across America, is a process filled with bureaucracy, trick...

How to Reach Millions on Social Media

Dawn White
in How To

When it comes to promotion I always explain it like this. How can someone buy something if they don’t know about it?! Sounds pretty easy to understand right?! Well imagine how many people I have to ha...

Work, Kids, College, Rotate

Matt Cates
in How To

Hard to type an essay on Gothic literature bouncing a baby on your knee. But with each bound of the red-headed binky sucker, I reminded myself: “This is what you wanted, man.” Homework was due on Ann ...