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Kevin Gardner6 days ago
Social Media Stakes Its Claim as a Powerhouse For Business
Today the world is inundated with information and information sources. Hard copy, verbal, TV, cable, blogs, and the internet compete for the individual's attention. But the most vibrant, important, an...
Writer/Blogger Turns to Instagram!
Ever since I started an Instagram to promote my art and my book series, Dolphin Princess, it has been an interesting venture. On my Instagram: @cherrysodacollage, I show pictures that have to do with ...
Aaron Dennis7 days ago
You Can’t Buy Internet Success—Part Deux
A little while ago, I posted an article about how content creators can’t buy internet success. You can find that article here. I went on to show some examples regarding Twitter ADs, or other sites whe...
Warren Brown8 days ago
Increase Your Social Media Influence for Fortune and Fame
In today’s world, it is possible for anyone to get valuable media attention. You just need to think more creatively and have something extraordinary to offer the world. This is not always easy, as the...
Kimberly Clark14 days ago
7 Hard Truths About Social Media Marketing
Marketing has quickly moved towards social media. However, for new businesses attempting to enter this medium, it is essential to get rid of all the misconceptions that surround this technique. Accord...
teisha lesheaa month ago
Instagram Informercials
Like most millennials, I find myself scrolling through Instagram for hours at a time. Depending on your algorithm, you can come across some exciting and fun pages. You have your news pages, beauty pag...
Aaron Dennisa month ago
You Can’t Buy Your Way to Internet Success
All of us content creators have been there. We write. We photograph. We code. We glue popsicle sticks together. We look at our visitors, and we see that two people saw our post yesterday. No one saw i...
Craig House2 months ago
Social Media Influencers: Are They Just a Passing Trend?
So, who are influencers? Social media influencers are individuals with large followings on social networking platforms who capitalise on their audience by working with brands to promote products or creative personalised promotion codes to their niche audience base. Their money is also made through promoting affiliate links and encouraging their followers to use their personalised promotional codes provided for them by brands. Influencer marketing has revolutionised the digital marketing sphere a...
Kevin 2 months ago
3 Ways to Boost the Effectiveness of Your Social Media Posts
It’s no secret that social media engagement can work miracles for the visibility of your brand, project, or cause. While effectively-maintained social media profiles used to be more of a novelty than ...
DrDoomsDaughter 3 months ago
The Struggles: Part 2
Picking up where I left off, Instagram's algorithm can be overwhelming, confusing, and down right frustrating. They're constantly changing and updating their app, which can make it increasingly hard t...
DrDoomsDaughter 3 months ago
The Struggles of Building and Maintaining Your Own Brand
Sometimes starting your own brand can be daunting, especially if YOU are the basis of your brand. I joined Instagram late 2013/early 2014, just for fun. It wasn't until 2016 that I realized I had become a part of a gaming community on Instagram. I had barely gained any followers in those two to three years (I had maybe 300), and had no idea the possibilities and opportunities that Instagram had to offer. It was mid 2016 that I started to take note of what successful pages were doing and started ...
Megan Andresen3 months ago
A Dying Breed: Insta's Aesthetic
Post what you want, when you want, and where you want. Who said life was supposed to always be curated. I just saw from the most recent Minimalismlife Insta post, "curators create space; collectors ju...
Kari Oakley3 months ago
3 Tips to Becoming a Better Social Media Marketer
Whether you’re marketing for your company or promoting your own personal profiles, becoming a social media marketing maven is a lucrative skill to have in this day and age. No matter the size of a com...
Plastic Words4 months ago
How to Increase Instagram Engagement Organically in 2019
Instagram’s ever-changing algorithm got you (and your engagement rate) down? Do you find yourself stuck at the same number, going nowhere? The good news is, you’re not alone—growing an account has become increasingly difficult for everyone, brands and creators alike, especially given how saturated the influencer market has become. Engagement rate, not surprisingly, is the most important social media metric because it is one of the first things that brands look at to assess an influencer’s worth. So, how can you leverage your current following to drive engagement and grow your audience? Here are five sure-fire tips, tricks, and strategies that will help you increase your Instagram engagement organically.
Dar'Jae Shyree4 months ago
Becoming ABW
I started this blog when I was 16. I was a sophomore in college and decided it was time to make an account that focused on what interested me. Since there was really no representation for Black Women,...
Emilia Lau4 months ago
How to Build a Lead and Client Empire from Instagram Only!
Let's face it, Instagram is now not only a communication tool, but a portable billboard on your phone! People can be Insta-famous in a short amount of time. Hence, your business can also thrive on Ins...
Sky Lue5 months ago
Fellow Millennials, Let's Get on the Same Page
Millennial. A term that like sustainability or innovation that is overused and under grasped. Every agency, marketing team or design firm seems to want to know what millennials want. How do we think? ...
Marykate Crowe5 months ago
Why Everybody Is Dropping Their 9 to 5 and Traveling—and Will It Kill Our Work Force?
First off, today's society is so different than it was even a decade ago. Social media is now a thing, and people are enjoying spreading their individuality and doing what they love. Because it has be...