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Social Media targeted pieces, for influencers and trending topics in the Journal workplace digital universe.

Francis Milligan14 hours ago
Creating a Simple Social Media Strategy
With social media usage on the rise every day and more ways for people to connect with each other, share their lives' little tidbits and be exposed to by many companies, what can be done to ensure tha...
Chloe Walton12 days ago
Snapchat has a lot of companies wondering if it is really worth them having an account and if you can actually advertise your company very well through the social media platform. So, what are the prob...
Chloe Walton18 days ago
How to Gain More Followers on Your Company Twitter
With 330 million active users monthly, Twitter is a great place for companies to advertise their business. By gaining followers, you increase your brand awareness and the number of customers you have....
Chloe Walton22 days ago
Finding Your Brand's Voice on Social Media
A brand’s voice is very important in showing who you are as a company and what values you hold. Social media is a great way to bring in new customers and spread brand awareness, so the way a company r...
Chloe Walton24 days ago
Linkedin: Why Is It so Important?
LinkedIn is often not utilised as much by companies than other social media sites, with some businesses and professionals not even having a presence at all. LinkedIn is a professional business and emp...
Chloe Walton25 days ago
How Important Is Social Media for Businesses?
In short, the answer to this question is… VERY. Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons that social media is extremely important for a business and how it can ultimately lead to the success of your co...
Social Gurua month ago
5 Ways to Improve Your Social Customer Service!
Gone are the days of being able to use social media just as a marketing tool for your business. The digital world has changed and customer experience is now as important as it ever has been and this a...
Siôn Stedmana month ago
Creating an Effective Social Media Policy for Your Staff
With their social button plug-ins featuring on web pages across the internet, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other global networks present every company with the opportunity to raise its digital pro...
Rae Simpsona month ago
7 Tips to Developing Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn
In my previous post on personal branding, I looked at the reasons and benefits behind why you need to build a personal brand. Now I’m talking tactics—and showing you how to build your personal brand—o...
Rebecca Nedrow2 months ago
Small Businesses Can Make a Huge Impact Online
Small businesses succeed when they develop relationships with their customers, and they can take advantage of the fact that 80 percent of customers choose to connect themselves with brands on Facebook...
Stephanie Moscone2 months ago
The Beauty of Wattpad
As a young, aspiring writer, I can attest that it's hard to find ways to put your work out there—whether you want to be picked up by a publisher, or just for the creative outlet. The website is like a...
Eva Lee2 months ago
Best Brand Social Media Campaigns 2017 International
Every digital marketer aims to develop creative and innovative campaigns to strike a chord with the masses. Not only does it gain the brand attention of the people, but also bring about a change. With...
Jock Breitwieser2 months ago
4 Highly Effective Ways to Sell to Consumers
Social media has taken the internet by storm and it turned the usage patterns of internet marketers and companies upside down. Just as business has changed, so have the buying habits of the consumers....
Cato Conroy3 months ago
Myths About LinkedIn That Will Hinder Your Success
LinkedIn is the "Facebook of professionals," and truth be told, it's one of the most powerful recruitment platforms in the world. This highly professional social media platform can make or break your ...
Émile Van Winden3 months ago
8 Signs You Could Benefit from Local SEO Services
Does anyone know your business website exists? What methods are you using to direct traffic to your site? Is there a call to action that leads them to your brick and mortar location? If you are scratc...
Natasha Sydor3 months ago
Are Social Media Influencers the New Actors?
Once upon a time, movie stars used to rule Hollywood.
When a film needed promotion, they'd appear in newspaper articles, magazine spreads, talk shows, etc. Although not much was really known about the...
Dustin Murphy4 months ago
What's My Life Post-Creators Like?
Since Oct. 25, 2017, I'd bid my farewell to those I'd met during my time at Creators Media. The followers, the colleagues, the editors, and, ultimately, my first paid writing gig. A gig that allowed m...
Katana Haley4 months ago
Why You Should Be Advertising on Instagram and How To Get Started
Marketers that have completed successful Instagram ad campaigns will tell you that this form of advertising definitely works. There are 700 million active users on Instagram, your audience is there. E...