Workplace photography from past to present, highlighting historical significance and modern day work ethics.

Michelle Bridget2 years ago
Retouching Mistakes to Avoid
When it comes to retouching, there are certain things you have to know in order to not make mistakes. I see it time and time again, and with a few little tweaks, your retouching and workflow can be va...
Nikki Gaskins2 years ago
From Lawyer to Professional Photographer: Orange County Native Wins International Photography Contest
YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA — Several years ago, K.C. Crow gave up her high-paying job as an attorney to become a lifestyle photographer. Instead of trying cases, she now captures the special moments of a...
Walid Azami2 years ago
Natural Light Photography Tutorial: No Bounce, No Studio, No Equipment. Just the sun!
This is a photographer's reaction video giving full commentary of my photoshoot with model, and it's a learn-as-you-go system.
Eugene Gabriel2 years ago
Five Things Professional Photographers Don’t Want You to Know
Five things Professional Photographers don’t want you to know Ten years ago, a well-known travel guidebook used to pay their photographers £10,000 to shoot all the images for their country guides. A y...
Thousands Finding the Photo Booth Business a Route to Excellent Full-Time, Part-Time, or Retirement Income
In validation of the old adage “What goes around, comes around,” photo booths are back and are more popular than ever. Originally patented in 1888, the photo booth (aka “automated photography machine”...
Ben W2 years ago
The Purpose of A Photograph
As the popular phrase goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” You can tell a lot about a person or an animal or an object based off of a photograph. While a photograph does not tell the whole sto...
Claire Raymond2 years ago
Selective Colour On Photos Using GIMP
Selective colour is like the marmite of the photography world, no matter whether you love it or hate it, you can't deny its popularity. Some photographers like it, some hate it with a passion and refu...
Claire Raymond2 years ago
Removing Objects From A Photo: The GIMP Clone Method
One of the most common things people want when having their photos edited is to have something removed from the photo. These things can range from removing a car in the background to removing an unwan...
Claire Raymond2 years ago
Editing Photos in GIMP: Using Unsharp Mask
Sometimes photos need to be sharpened, it doesn't matter why, whether it is because of the sea mist that plagues anyone that lives by the coast or the pollution that haunts anyone that lives in the ci...
Claire Raymond2 years ago
Editing My Photos: The Power of Cropping
We all know how cropping can remove some unwanted things from a photo; it can be a great way to tidy up a picture. From removing the irritating photobomber, to totally cropping out an ex, it can be yo...
Claire Raymond2 years ago
3 of the Best Free Photo Editors
Anyone with a phone knows at least a little something about editing pictures, even if it is just applying a filter that makes you look a little bit more fabulous; it's quick, it's easy, and it makes a...
Beautiful Stock Images That Cost You Nothing
Beautiful and engaging photographs and vector images are powerful instruments to make your website, blog or ad campaign successful. However when you are on a tight design budget, purchasing paid photo...