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George Boundy6 months ago
In the Name of Art #3
The coffee was good, Harriet had to admit, and Daniel made it well though the conversation left a lot to be desired. He had prattled on for almost three quarters of an hour about the flowers in the pa...
K Miller7 months ago
The Worst Type of Writer's Block
I am currently going through what I would class as the worst type of writer’s block. This is when I know exactly what I want to write and I just need to get these points and ideas out of my system but...
Erin Dempsey7 months ago
Tips to Help Write Realistic Fight Scenes
Fight scenes, in my opinion, are one of the most important parts to any book. It doesn’t have to be flashy or over the top, but it does have to be well written. Why? Because shoddy writing ruins the f...
Sadee Frye7 months ago
My Writing Perspective
Background About Myself I was going to start off saying something along the lines of "I've been writing for as long as I can remember." Nevertheless, it's not an option since I don't really remember w...
Ethan Gaines7 months ago
The First Chapter
My wife and I are a part of a church plant in a small town in my little valley. If anyone knows anything about planting a church, it's that your numbers are small when you start. With small attendance...
Selena Lundy8 months ago
And This Is Why I Will Never Finish a Novel
I’m driving down the highway with the FM radio blasting or ignoring the stinging of floral soap in my eyes in the shower when it hits me—the perfect story idea. The sudden idea simmers in the forefron...
Sunny Yun8 months ago
10 Signs You're a Writer
Writing scripts in your head about your fellow commuters during the morning rush? You might just be a writer.
Ada Zuba8 months ago
What to Know About Writers
Writers are a specific group of people that some do not understand. So, here's how to better understand better. (This is personalized opinion, not the truth.)
Iria Vasquez-Paez8 months ago
The Craft of Fiction
Fiction is made up of many elements, each element as important as the last. The plot structure is one such need to be fulfilled in the story. Short story writing is something I want to try my hand in ...
Kyle Agawin8 months ago
The Starter
This is the start of something new. And no that song from High School Musical did not just pop into my head :P. For real though, for the past couple of days now I felt inspired to start writing. I don...
Ember Joy8 months ago
Why I Write
I started writing when I was 13-years-old. When I was a kid, I used to love telling stories and putting on performances, and my parents loved to see them. I would tell stories of princesses and magic,...
Iria Vasquez-Paez8 months ago
Submission Steps for 'How To Give Bullies What They Deserve'
I have to submit this book to my literary agent soon. The process begins with a query letter sent by email. You then attach your book proposal as a Word file including a 1-4 page overview of your book...
Writing What Is Real
For as long as I can remember, I have loved to write. Stories, poems, scripts, you name it. If it is creative writing, I have given it a go and enjoyed it. What I love about putting pen to paper is th...
C.E. Zulin9 months ago
Writing Literature for the 21st Century Reader
It's 2018. The age of computers has all but made the typewriter an ancient artifact lost to time as the dawn of a new, highly-educated populace rises into adulthood. So why then does it feel like thin...
George Boundy9 months ago
In The Name of Art #2
Daniel put down the phone and sighed. It was an old phone from his grandma's flat. White plastic, with a ringlet of a cord that had gone from white to grey with time. The handset was yellow from nicot...
Annie Daniels10 months ago
Annie Daniels Does Book Reviews
A little about me... This is my first official post on this forum, and as I am hoping that I will be able to add many more, I would like to start off with an official introduction. My name is Annie Da...
Sarah Qua-Jones10 months ago
Fallon's Hope
About five or six years ago I decided to put all my self doubt aside and write. I have written stories since I knew how but I have binned more than l ever finished, believing (and they probably were) ...
George Boundy10 months ago
In The Name of Art
Harriet was walking fast toward Tottenham Court Road station in an effort to waste as little time as possible travelling. Although she had not volunteered herself for this task she was getting quite e...