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Robyn Justine7 days ago
Books for Thought
When it comes to books “don’t just read the easy stuff. You may be entertained by it but you will never grow from it.” This is a quote from one my favourite motivational speakers Jim Rohn. Where I don...
Justina Deardoff19 days ago
A Recommendation of Sorts
Hey there fellow writers, I'm back. This is the continuum to my introductory piece, "On How I Found My Voice," over in Education. So you don't feel lost, I'd suggest reading that baby before you dive ...
Jessica Briggsa month ago
Meg sat at her desk. Her pen hovered over the parchment. Many times the pen moved toward the parchment and then away. She had writer's block. Her new book had just been published. She had promised a s...
Sarah Russella month ago
Why I Love Story Writing!
I've honestly been writing stories since before I can remember. I've always been a creative child, and I've grown into a even more creative, but now experienced, young adult. Here are some of my favor...
David Stonera month ago
Run Through the Wall
Trying to finish my novel has brought me a great deal of anguish and uncertainty. I just can’t seem to stay with it long enough to finish. The novel is done but the rewrites seem endless. I hope this ...
Skylar Abdeljalil2 months ago
5 Tips To Help You Survive NaNoWriMo
NaNoWriMo, short for National Novel Writing Month, is one of the most widely undertaken annual writing exercises in the world. Every November, thousands of writers — amateurs and professionals alike —...
Carolyn Arnold2 months ago
Characters Make a Book Worth Reading
A book would be nothing without characters, and with such an important role, it’s vital that we create ones that are strong and stay with the reader long after they put down your book. But why stop wi...
Amanda McNeill3 months ago
Confessions of a Fanfiction Writer
I have been writing fanfiction for thirteen years; sometimes I am very on top of my game, while the rest of the time I am glaring at my computer screen like it is the reason I am unable to think of an...
Jesse Guerrero5 months ago
Book Summary: How To Win Friends & Influence People
This book is #9 this month on Amazon's most read books of the month and has been in the top twenty for 9 weeks in a row. If you have ever thought about reading this book you are part of a large group ...
Maruf Hossain5 months ago
Standardized Testing
"I Just Sued The School System" in many ways has emphasized the overall core issue in the U.S. Education System. The one size fits all, cookie cutter issue. It has also explained a major issue within standardized testing.
Hellion .5 months ago
Author Speaks 1
I felt recognized as worthy, in that moment. As though I would soon be formidable competition for those authors that I'd so admired. The notice came that Hellion would be published, although my reques...
Arina Jacor5 months ago
How To Find a Plot (and Subplot!) for Your Story
I always struggle with finding a perfect plot for my stories. I have a stash of awesome characters, but as soon as I put them together nothing is happening. It's dull and not interesting. I'm bored, m...
Murial Bezanson5 months ago
Article Prompts to Cure Writer's Block
Compose a list of your top ten apps and why you would recommend them. Review the last book you read or movie you watched. Create the perfect date or lover. Write an open letter to a politician. Resear...
Bradley Levi5 months ago
My First Published Book
Some time in early 2004, I'd say either February or March, I was supposed to do an advertising assignment for my fifth grade class. I was grouped up with two boys (I was the only girl in the group), a...
Starlight Tucker5 months ago
Starlight: Sewing Ideas Into Words
To seek inspiration intentionally is to tell oneself that the point of every beautiful and tragic part of life is another area to write about. Inspiration is sought out visually, emotionally, and ment...
Dylan Shannon6 months ago
Fighting Writers Block
So, you want to write? Me too. What I find and am currently finding as I write this is that it can be really hard to transfer all the wonderful ideas from your head and put pen to paper. I have had ma...
Edward Anderson6 months ago
The Bad Business of Free
Authors work hard on their books. Independent writers not only have to work hard finishing their masterpieces but they also have to figure out distribution and marketing as well. Seems like a fair tra...