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Amanda McNeill2 months ago
Confessions of a Fanfiction Writer
I have been writing fanfiction for thirteen years; sometimes I am very on top of my game, while the rest of the time I am glaring at my computer screen like it is the reason I am unable to think of an...
Jesse Guerrero3 months ago
Book Summary: How To Win Friends & Influence People
This book is #9 this month on Amazon's most read books of the month and has been in the top twenty for 9 weeks in a row. If you have ever thought about reading this book you are part of a large group ...
Maruf Hossain3 months ago
Standardized Testing
"I Just Sued The School System" in many ways has emphasized the overall core issue in the U.S. Education System. The one size fits all, cookie cutter issue. It has also explained a major issue within standardized testing.
Hellion .3 months ago
Author Speaks 1
I felt recognized as worthy, in that moment. As though I would soon be formidable competition for those authors that I'd so admired. The notice came that Hellion would be published, although my reques...
Arina Jacor3 months ago
How To Find a Plot (and Subplot!) for Your Story
I always struggle with finding a perfect plot for my stories. I have a stash of awesome characters, but as soon as I put them together nothing is happening. It's dull and not interesting. I'm bored, m...
Murial Bezanson4 months ago
Article Prompts to Cure Writer's Block
Compose a list of your top ten apps and why you would recommend them. Review the last book you read or movie you watched. Create the perfect date or lover. Write an open letter to a politician. Resear...
Bradley Levi4 months ago
My First Published Book
Some time in early 2004, I'd say either February or March, I was supposed to do an advertising assignment for my fifth grade class. I was grouped up with two boys (I was the only girl in the group), a...
Starlight Tucker4 months ago
Starlight: Sewing Ideas Into Words
To seek inspiration intentionally is to tell oneself that the point of every beautiful and tragic part of life is another area to write about. Inspiration is sought out visually, emotionally, and ment...
Dylan Shannon4 months ago
Fighting Writers Block
So, you want to write? Me too. What I find and am currently finding as I write this is that it can be really hard to transfer all the wonderful ideas from your head and put pen to paper. I have had ma...
Edward Anderson4 months ago
The Bad Business of Free
Authors work hard on their books. Independent writers not only have to work hard finishing their masterpieces but they also have to figure out distribution and marketing as well. Seems like a fair tra...
Sapphire Ravenclaw4 months ago
The Honest Writer
There are times when a biased spin is appropriate for a piece of writing, times when it is entirely intentional to make a point in favour of one side or another. Other times, a more balanced approach ...
Chloe Gilholy4 months ago
How It Feels to Be a Published Author
I've always enjoyed writing ever since I was a child. I loved writing short stories and poetry and English went on to be one of my favourite subjects at school. My first poem was about shells and it w...
Antony M. Copeland4 months ago
A few months ago, I received a Facebook notification that one of the writing groups I was a member of was about to be deleted unless I would like to become an admin. It had no admin and only 32 member...
India Hendrie5 months ago
Flawed Characters and The Girl On The Train
With all the hype about this mystery thriller by Paula Hawkins and the author now releasing a new book, I finally got around to picking up a copy. I'm over a hundred pages in now and enjoying it immen...
Vivienne Neal5 months ago
When Your Passion for Writing Loses Its Luster
I don’t think there is an artist out there who has not gone through the following impasse: “Why am I doing this, wasting my time trying to get folks to appreciate my work and putting so much blood, sw...
Markie M5 months ago
Lean In and Sandberg’s Faulty Feminism
Sheryl Sandberg is the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook and in 2013 she published Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead. Her book was met with both profound praise and critique—from women. She...
Jessie White5 months ago
Rapid Book Releases
Before the surge of ebooks, the traditional publishing format allowed for one new book release a year. That's right, readers (me included) used to wait a full year for the next book in much beloved se...
Aaron Dennis5 months ago
Free Writing
A simple web search for free writing reveals that it is a pre-writing technique wherein a person just sits and starts writing for a prearranged amount time. Everything is ignored—spelling, grammar, pu...