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Jessye Gould21 days ago
Writer's Block
I wish that I could say that I've been doing nothing but writing for the last few months, but I've found myself having to take time off from writing. Stress and life keep getting in the way for one re...
Stephanie Dube23 days ago
Writing Tips for Aspiring Authors
Ever since I was a little kid, I've always loved writing stories. For some strange reason, though, it never popped into my head when it was my time to choose a career path. I hadn't written anything e...
Deanne Adams25 days ago
Why the World Does Not Owe Your Story an Audience (and How to Find One Anyway)
I want you to ask yourself how many messages you've been bombarded with since you woke up this morning. The first one was probably your alarm, giving you the signal to start your day. If you're like m...
Alex Mustarda month ago
Writer's Block
Usually I can just simply write for hours and hours and hours, but recently I've found it hard to even formulate sentences together, let alone paragraphs and chapters. Currently I am endeavouring on b...
Sally Hollanda month ago
It is that time of the year again. It's NANO WRIMO. National Write a Novel in a Month, Month. It is where inspirations flow and frustration is abundant and a bunch of people try to conquer writing a w...
Leigh Fishera month ago
Setting Goals as a Creative Writer
The very existence of the word creative lends itself to flippant motivation and capricious inspiration. Like a library book, it lends itself out freely. It’s easy not to have a specific goal when you’...
Leigh Fishera month ago
A Month of Literary Insanity
National Novel Writing Month is not for the faint of hand, but it's an incredible writing challenge. Writing a novel in thirty days is insanity. It’s pure literary madness. However, it teaches you to ...
Jessye Goulda month ago
My Novel Journey
Writing. Some of us do it every day, and don't even think about it. I'm a chronic list writer. I write lists for everything, just so I can feel maybe a bit more organized. Sometimes it works, sometime...
Deana Ritaa month ago
Why I Wanted to Join Vocal
My name is Deana, and I am currently a sophomore in college studying Special Education Moderate PreK-8. I was scrolling through Instagram one day when I came across an advertisement for Vocal. The ad ...
Mary Jones2 months ago
My Writing Journey
My journey into writing... This is my paper written journey through writing my first novel, about my struggles my victories; my hopes and dreams that linger in my head. I suppose I should start by int...
Katherine Williams3 months ago
The Fig Tree
"I saw my life branching out before me like the green fig tree in the story. From the tip of every branch, like a fat purple fig, a wonderful future beckoned and winked.” “So, Katherine,” my older fri...
Melinda Dawson3 months ago
Journey into Fantasy
Of all my current series, Araviel, was the most difficult to finally start. Before starting the book I worked tirelessly for three years to create the world, all the species, the religion, and several...
Shann Allyson3 months ago
'Wishes Upon the Stars'
I am here to expose my inner and outer most personal experiences in all life through writing my own books. Although unpublished, I do post them all on a free Android app and site called Wattpad. What ...
Deanne Adams3 months ago
Networking Nightmare II
Jane's first experience of networking had been a nightmare. Stuffed suits shoving floppy business cards into her hand and eyeing her up as their latest prospective client. She still shuddered at the m...
Robin Deeter5 months ago
The Deeter Dialogue Blog
A Record of My Career Adventure and Random Thoughts
Duncan Ainsworth5 months ago
Book Writing
So, I've decided that I'm going to write a book. I think it will be an interesting journey, a way to keep me busy, and a potential income stream in the future. It's still early doors yet but I've been...
George Boundy5 months ago
In the Name of Art #3
The coffee was good, Harriet had to admit, and Daniel made it well though the conversation left a lot to be desired. He had prattled on for almost three quarters of an hour about the flowers in the pa...
K Miller5 months ago
The Worst Type of Writer's Block
I am currently going through what I would class as the worst type of writer’s block. This is when I know exactly what I want to write and I just need to get these points and ideas out of my system but...