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Ashley Garner23 days ago
High Paying Skills That Can Earn Six Figures
No degree. No long commute. No set hours. And a salary upwards of six figures annually. This all sounds like a dream come true. So true, some may wonder is it even realistic to believe there are caree...
Joseph McLean24 days ago
10 Incredible Writing Tools for Education
For example, according to the fifth Salesforce State of Marketing Report, only 28 percent of marketers are happy with their ability to engage customers across channels. For the majority of marketers, ...
Jessica Coopera month ago
Top 10 Jobs for Introverts
Introverts mainly fall into four different categories. There are thinking, social, inhibited, and anxious introverts. Though not always outgoing, introverts are hardworking and passionate individuals,...
Jessica Coopera month ago
Best Jobs for People Who Love to Talk
Different people were born and made in different ways with different inborn talents and passions. Some people were born or grew up to develop a love for talking. In fact, some people live a life in wh...
Iggy Paulsen2 months ago
10 Reasons Why You Didn't Get the Job (Even Though You Were Qualified)
Lately, I've been looking for a part-time job and let me tell you, the market was not nice to me. At all. In fact, out of all the applications that I put in, I had maybe two reach out to me. Of those,...
Benny Njuguna4 months ago
List Article Sites That Pay
There are many online sites that publish list articles, but fewer of them accept submissions from freelance writers and pay them for their effort. If you have an interesting list of bizarre, the most,...
Joseph McLean4 months ago
5 Ridiculously Simple Hacks to be More Effective at Work
Do you often catch yourself doing nothing at work, even though you have tons of materials to look through? Or find yourself writing a professional resume? If you do, welcome to the club! According to ...
Alex Korr4 months ago
Meet and Greet: 10 Types of Customers You Will Have the Pleasure of Dealing with in a Call Centre
Hello, my lovely customer service superstars of customer service. I have counted 10 types of customers that will introduce themselves one by one. Who do you speak to the most? Let's figure this out!
Indy Summers5 months ago
5 Tips to Help You and Your Company Go Green
Of course, everyone knows what going green involves, but people often don't have time and effort to devote to eco-friendly initiatives due to busing working schedules. However, you can implement some ...
Erin Trenchard5 months ago
Five Reasons Why Working Retail While Studying is SO Worth it!
The summer before starting University I decided to get a summer job at a popular health and beauty retailer. I worked every Saturday, the occasional cover-shift and bank holiday in a variety of depart...
Faith Summer6 months ago
10 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online
The most frustrating thing is opening an article to find helpful information, and instead reading about some online surveys you can do, or an app you should try for a few cents. I mean, sure you can m...
Lovelli Fuad6 months ago
5 Ways to List Online Courses on Your Astonishing Resume
Only less than six percent of learners who took an open online course between 2014 and 2016 from HarvardX and MITx earned a certificate. If you’re one of the ones who followed through a course online,...
Leigh Fisher7 months ago
6 Fall Things to Inspire Writers
It’s only been a few weeks since summer officially ended, but nights are getting colder. I love fall weather, but I can already feel my motivation waning a little knowing that soon I’ll be freezing as...
Quinn N7 months ago
8 Reasons Why You Should Write a Novel This November, Even If You're Not a Writer
November is National Novel Writing Month, and it's coming fast. 'Tis the season to coerce your creativity out of hiding and onto the page in the form of words, preferably sentences, hopefully paragrap...
Sam Jose7 months ago
Top 10 Grammar Checker Software Solutions for Writers
The demand for valuable and freshly written articles is on the rise nowadays. Now that content marketing and all sorts of blog articles are becoming a need for online business owners, companies, and o...
briana okay8 months ago
7 Things I Learned While Working in Retail
"Hey, you, let me speak to every manager!"
Nicola P. Young8 months ago
Podcasts on Choosing a Career
It's easy to commit to "following your passion" in theory, but what if you don't even know what your passion is? For most people, choosing a career is something that takes some thought and introspecti...
Andie Pabon8 months ago
Writing Tips for the Perpetually Single
Are you a perpetually single writer? Do you wish you weren’t so single? Here are some tips to help you with your writing!