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Tick Box
Sometimes, it is necessary for us to put ourselves into categories. This may be frustrating, we may not know where to place ourselves. There is a good chance that, when given a 'tick-box' exercise, we...
Kari Oakley2 months ago
Ways to Boost Your Resume
Tips to Help Improve Your Resume
Gregory Ezekiel3 months ago
The Commute
Another day, another alarm, another lovely work day. From East London to South London, three changes to go the commute. (Nowplaying - Frizz Price - Miles Away) I rather much enjoy the London Overgroun...
Kevin Gardner3 months ago
3 Things Employers Love to See Beyond Good Grades
Employers are looking for talented and skilled new hires. Employers are focused on so much more than the basic qualities most young professionals tend to have, such as good grades or random job experi...
Part 2: Applying for Your Next Job
In the last article, I covered the basics of applying for work that is relevant to your skills and experience and the importance of catering your application to a particular job. I know it’s extra wor...
Part 1:​ How to Get That job
Before you hit that "apply" button, make sure that you understand the following. Yes, some of this means extra effort, but hey, since you've already committed to it, might as well make it a great appl...
Emily Fritz4 months ago
How to Get Ahead in the Job Interview Jungle
If I had a dollar for every time I called my poor mother to say, “I don’t know why no one will f*cking hire me,” I’d never have to walk into another interview again. When I lived in Daytona Beach, I r...
CD Turner5 months ago
Why Some Things Shouldn't Be Told to Employers in a Job Interview
First off, let me preface this by saying this is in no way actual advice for anybody. It's little more than a rant, a middle finger to the employer that couldn't look past my anxiety issues, disabilit...
Annie Pilon6 months ago
Can I Negotiate My Job Offer?
Receiving a job offer is exciting news! Career advancement, big changes, new opportunities, all wonderful things to get excited about. But what if your job offer isn't all you had it cracked up to be?...
Leigh Fisher6 months ago
How to Be Ready for Awkward Interview Questions
Let's dive in starting with the worst one.
Audrey Walters6 months ago
How I Got My First Job
This happened about three and a half to almost four years ago. When I was just 19-years-old and fresh out of high school. I decided during that time I didn't want to be like my other classmates. I dec...
Recruiters Share What Makes a Candidate Stand Out
The job search isn't a pleasant process. If you've recently lost your job, you may suddenly find yourself feeling helplessly adrift in a sea of uncertainty. When faced with this adversity, however, yo...
Joshua Terry7 months ago
Life as a Self-Published Author
Reading has always been a huge part of my life. And so, it’s natural that I gravitate towards people who share that interest with me. One of my good friends, Natasja Eby, is a regular participant in N...
Leigh Fisher8 months ago
5 Interview Blunders to Avoid
Experience is often one of the best ways to learn what to do and what not to do in an interview. We learn from our mistakes. However, here’s a few mistakes you can avoid making by learning from my hil...
Sarah Martin9 months ago
So You're a Comedian? Part One
So you're a comedian? What do you really do? It's the only profession that people will question. Someone could say they are a doctor and we would just be like, "Oh wow! What do you practice?" Say that...
Jessica Bradley10 months ago
Top Reasons Why You Are Not Getting the Jobs You've Interviewed For
Are you wondering why you aren't landing the jobs you've been interviewed for? Are you going to interview after interview and not receiving "the call"? Are you starting to wonder if maybe you are doin...
Yasmin Hughes10 months ago
How to Create the Perfect CV
So, I've been handling recruitment for my company for just over a year now and here are my top tips for landing that dream job. The best way to make a good first impression is to have a brilliant CV; ...
Michaela Ba year ago
Judgment Day
So I am a fairly alternative person. I have been for years. I got my first nose ear piercing at 16, first tattoo at 18, and started dying my hair at 14. I always knew people judged those with body mod...