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Journal Staff2 years ago
Most Hilarious Corporate Logo Fails
Having a logo without an edge is corporate suicide. What role do logos play in branding strategies? One of the most important marketing tools any company can have for themselves is a good logo design....
Rick Schwartz2 years ago
What It's Like To Be A: Producer
Ostensibly, I produce movies for a living. Several movies I had a hand in producing have been nominated for Academy Awards, including a win for Best Picture. Pretty heady stuff, to be sure. The realit...
Jeremy Frommer2 years ago
Why Were Cigars a Symbol of Corporate Success?
Winston Churchill, John F Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Stalin and Che Guevara – political icons on both sides of the divide – are all well known for their companion piece, the cigar. Men of wealth, and powe...
Lindsie Polhemus2 years ago
Should You Choose a New Career?
Settling on a new career isn't easy; and for many that haven't had to look for a job in decades, the ability to find a new job seems daunting. You need to make sure that your new job is suited to both...