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Drew Johnston12 hours ago
The Life of a Princess
Many girls dream of being a princess sometime in their life, but I get to live that dream. While I don’t work for Disney, I work for Enchanted Entertainment, a company in Gilbert, Arizona.
Clark Jones4 days ago
Seniors' Quick Guide to Online Freelancer Income
Many American and European businesses are turning to the internet to find specialized labor. It's not like they can't find this labor locally. The problem is when they hire locally, they actually bite...
CosCom Writers6 days ago
How to Become an Author Articles—4 Professional Councils
By Cosmas Nwokafor Do you have a blog and you want to do it professionally? Or maybe you are just looking for a more flexible work schedule? In any case, to become an author is not difficult, but it i...
Ashly Williams7 days ago
Know More About Computer Skill Tests Conducted For Employees
Conducting tests for a candidate to check if they are eligible for a job is one of the basic processes to ensure that the candidate is not just qualified, but is also experienced, efficient, and capab...
Mike Fallek13 days ago
Explaining My Podcast Documentary
The issue we talked about in part 1 of the I Podcast Too production explanation was "why make a movie about podcast?" In this we'll talk about "who makes podcasts." The 'who' of podcasts is kind of what this movie is about, but explaining it more explicitly gives insight into how difficult the pre-production and production of the documentary was. The movie, as you will gather in the next episodes, tracks me: a young filmmaker and comedian who turned his talents towards podcasting, and is slowly ...
Amy Watson14 days ago
What Is Next in the Signage Printing Industry?
This is a competitive world with new businesses and start-ups opening all the time, and they all need signage to stay ahead. A good and reliable sign company can fill the needs quickly and easily, and...
Tom Highley24 days ago
Life as an Entertainer
So for anyone out there, that is interested in getting into Entertainment, and is wanting to try Holiday Parks, I would highly recommend it. I promise it will be the best thing you ever do, whether it...
Nina Simonsa month ago
4 Things You Need for a Successful Beauty Business
Even though running a successful beauty business may seem like a piece of cake, the truth is that it actually takes a lot of money, effort, goodwill, and sweat to get it done like a true pro. So, if y...
Isla Wrighta month ago
Getting into The Oil Business—How to Start Your Own Company
Still, as this is the industry where multi-millionaires emerge, and the ROI results are much higher than in any other industry, all your troubles and efforts will be worthwhile. If you have previous e...
Denny Kuriena month ago
Re-Inventing the Retail Space Using Storytelling
In today’s fast-paced, overly-automated, and digitally-driven world, humanity is quickly becoming the new premium. Consumers are constantly being inundated by countless branded advertising messages wh...
EmmaWilliams a month ago
Why You Need an MBA to Climb the Management Consulting Ladder
If you want to pursue management consulting as your career long-term, you need an MBA. There are other ways to get into consulting, and plenty of options for non-MBAs to spend a few years in the indus...
Jord Turya month ago
Working in the Funeral Trade
When I was fifteen I was offered my first job. It wasn't necessarily a job I had been seeking or studying towards, but it was an opportunity to earn some extra cash, and help me get off my arse each m...
It's a Metaphor
It's A Metaphor I used to tell myself that I needed another heartbreak or some grand love story to end my long year of writer’s block. The problem was that I was stuck on one story. Almost everything ...
Mikkie Millsa month ago
Developing Your Brand Using Technology
Brand strategy is one of the broad topics that entails the purpose of the organization, consistent behavior of the brand, and the impact on the clients. The goal of the technology branding strategy ha...
Confusion Over Concrete? Here Are Its 5 Best Uses in the Building Industry
People are now using concrete in different ways. It is one of the strongest materials used in construction. Not only does it find its application as a building material, but it is also intentionally b...
Craig House2 months ago
Write the Right Way (And for Cheap)
Sometimes it feels like we need to have all the latest equipment in this ever-developing world, and in the writing world, this feels no different. There are new software packages and platforms making their way onto the market every day. So, do you really need a Macbook Pro, a copy of Final Draft, and the latest Microsoft Office software? Not necessarily. There are plenty of other options out there! Here’s how you can create literary works of art without having to break the bank.
John Ames Birch2 months ago
The People vs. the Corporation
In today’s day and age, the corporation has become an entity in and of itself. It has grown from an idea of progress founded from the ashes of the industrial revolution to a foundation of society. Com...
How to Get a Job as a Web Developer
Job searching sucks. It's probably one of the most challenging, and if you're like me, depressing experiences you'll go through. This is especially true if you're entering a new industry, or if you're...