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Terry Osterhout2 years ago
My Punk Rock Advice For High School Graduates
Every generation seems to have less hope staring back at them than the previous generation. Social security and a decent retirement plan look less likely every year for the youth of today. College tui...
Starbucks Employee Melts Down, Frappuccino-Style
The unicorn frappuccino may have captured many imaginations and tastebuds since its debut April 19, but baristas are struggling to stay cool making the beverage, it seems. The frappuccino is actually a complex beverage to make, by Starbucks' standards, and it seems that barista Braden Burson had just had enough at the end of his shift yesterday. Burson, 19, took to Twitter in a rant following the end of his shift in a video and tweet that has since gone viral although it had been deleted. “My ha...
Sabina Hoque2 years ago
7 Risks You Can Take For a Better Life
Do you want to know the seven risks to take in order to live a better life? Ever wondered how taking risks has changed the lives of many? Well, the same could happen with you if you are willing to rai...
Signs That Your Friends Are Wrecking Your Career
Many people spend their entire lives working towards advancing their career, and take a huge amount of pride in making sure that they are known in their field. What many people don't realize is that a...
Andy Russell2 years ago
About two months ago a friend of mine (who was also my roommate) told me he would be moving out by mid April. He was going to move back into his mom's place to save up for a while and then he would ba...
Robert Gallant2 years ago
Why Every Kid Should Milk Cows
I grew up on a farm in Ohio in the 1940s. One of my major responsibilities was helping milk the cows. From the time I was six years old, the routine was established. Every morning I arose at 6 am, dre...
Warren Johnson2 years ago
Distractions and Lack of Motivation
I am very easily distraction. I am also not easily motivated when it comes to things that benefit me. I have a book I bought back in March 2015 that I haven't even finished. I also bought the first se...
Felons and Finding Jobs: A Cure to Stopping the Recidivism Carousel
America has the highest percentage of convicted felons in the developed world. Right now, around 8.9 percent of all grown adults have been convicted of a felony and served time as a result of their cr...
Frank White2 years ago
My Father Taught Me The Three Fundamentals of Success
I was reminded of my father today. He passed away a long time ago. One of the most interesting effects of time is its ability to heal wounds and amplify strengths. If I let time mesmerize me, my fathe...
Barbara Kimmel2 years ago
Ten Life Lessons for Millennials
Sometimes someone says something that is difficult to forget; those rare “ah ha” moments that not only stick with you forever but can also be applied in both personal and professional relationships. T...
Journal Staff2 years ago
What It’s Like To Be: An Escort
It’s Nadia’s first time in New York. In fact, it’s her first time outside of her small town in Russia. After this, she heads to Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, then back home. A month lon...
Brian K. Henry2 years ago
Modern Ethics
A quick quiz for the challenged.
Annessa Babic2 years ago
Performance Art
Performance Art. When you live a city, one like NYC, often mere everyday acts of commuting can feel like moments on someone's movie screen. In the summer, well year around to be truthful, I frequent t...
Lauren Marzolla2 years ago
'La La Land' is an Artist's Life
The ending of "La La Land", a recent film directed by Damien Chapelle, had some people crying out in angst. It seems a tragedy for Mia and Sebastian to go on living separate lives. She wove together a...
Rick Schwartz2 years ago
DEED: The App That Makes Volunteering Easy
If the best inventions are indeed borne out of necessity, then DEED definitely fits the category. Volunteering in New York, like many cities across America, is a process filled with bureaucracy, trick...
Gary Ayd2 years ago
Best Jobs for Retirees
The concept of retirement, like the working world those who enter this stage are leaving behind is constantly evolving. As of this writing, the dictionary defines it as the act of retiring or of leavi...
Roy Osing2 years ago
Success = Degrees of Imperfection
A perfect cross into the penalty area. A perfect product launch. A perfect presentation. No glitches. No deviation from the intended purpose.
Patty Ramsen2 years ago
Dumbest Things to Do with Your Money
Congratulations, you made it to your thirties, now you just have to make sure to avoid the dumbest things you can do with your money. Many people in their thirties have finally gotten to a point where...