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Vic Wintera year ago
Unbelievable: True Stories from an Uber Driver!
Driving for Uber can be fantastic. Think about a job where you make your own hours, listen to music the whole time, and cash out instantly. These are just some of the benefits of driving for Uber. The...
Darius Acunaa year ago
INFJ Leadership
INFJ the dearest and most misunderstood out the MBTI types. For those who don't know what an INFJ is or MBTI is or cognitive functions, I suggest doing a quick google search. This is an analyses of le...
Living Paycheck to Paycheck
For the last year I have been living paycheck to paycheck. Although, in the beginning, it was easy because I did not have much to pay for. Just the usual rent and food to get me through the next two w...
The Fear Caused by Unemployment
After my high school graduation, the first thing on my mind was, WHAT NOW? I didn’t have any plans as for college because I was leaving the country, so my dreams of going were crashed by my reality an...
Vala Rogersa year ago
What I've Learned from Working at a Food Bank
As a first year student in the social services, this is what I've learned from my experience working in a food bank.
Angeliki Kitrini2 years ago
More often than not, I feel like people who work in hospitality deserve medals. Not only because of the physical demands of ten-hour shifts but also the surprisingly high concentration of assholes in ...
How To Survive as A Low Income Person
Somehow, on an income of six hundred or more, I survive as a low-income person. I manage to save $100 a month, give or take what I have left. I’m trying to save more money this year and to make more m...
Brooke Noelle2 years ago
The Meaning of "Home"
This morning was cold. Frigid, really. I dragged myself out of bed, threw on a sweater, and braced myself for the 10-minute drive to work. I could see my breath in my car the entire way, and the heat ...
Whitney Moye2 years ago
For My Ears
So I drive Uber and Lyft for extra money just like most people in my city. I started driving for Uber over a year ago and I have meet some pretty interesting people from all over. When providing this ...
Shamus Roan2 years ago
When Profiling Isn't Harmful
For over 15 years I worked the doors in Melbourne, I have encountered enough things to last a life time of articles and stories, but today I want to speak about how profiling can save someone from har...
Maki Jackson2 years ago
Walking Down a Life Path
As a kid, you learn the simple side about money. You become very happy to even have a quarter or a dollar. As you get older, you acknowledge the harsher side of money. You learn that money is what mak...
Erika Martinez2 years ago
A Job Is a Job
Getting a job can be both easy and difficult. To be honest, there are plenty of jobs, not many dream jobs, but there are jobs close to it. From life experience and getting to know people, finding the ...
Kori Oyler2 years ago
The Season of Giving...?
Why I Stopped Donating to People Outside of Grocery Stores
Peter Rose2 years ago
The Future for Human Creativity
Can creativity be taught? The ancient Chinese believed that all things are made of a mix of yin and yang, that while one may predominate nothing can exist as wholly only yin or only yang. Is this a un...
Lali Onne2 years ago
Why I Write
I write because I can’t help it. Thoughts and feelings spill out of my mind with every waking moment, like a child unable to control their crayon within the lines of a colouring book. I write because ...
Secret Serenity2 years ago
The Life of an Office Administrator
So I suppose today isn't the best day to start this, as technically I'm on annual leave. Also I haven't slept yet (which is becoming a theme of my life) so really its still yesterday - does that make ...
Cyra Valent2 years ago
The Freedom to Just Be
I didn’t like being a child. I remember lying about my age wishing I was older, willing the time to pass faster towards that seemingly unattainable 18th-year mark. I looked ahead towards adulthood wit...
Ariana Marcanti2 years ago
The Story of the Iced Coffee Lady
If you've ever worked in a fast food restaurant, in retail, or really any service job, you KNOW there's always one customer that will ruin your day. Often times, you know it right away when you look a...