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Brandesha Sinclair4 months ago
How to Improve Your Online Job Applications
“Back in my day, we would walk-in, hand in our resumes, and speak with managers face-to-face!” Believe it or not but millennials will probably be the last generation to have experienced this method of...
Eliza Beth4 months ago
How I Make Money as a Stay-at-Home Mom
How is it possible for anyone to work from home? When I was in my early 20s, I first discovered that some people actually do it. What I lacked was experience, knowledge, and a good mentor to teach me ...
Amyleigh Craig5 months ago
How to Stay Creative When You're "Too Busy"
I catch myself constantly saying I'm "so busy" when in reality I actually have plenty of free time, I just plan and utilise it badly. This is something I've been working on and one of the things I've ...
Yvonne Glasgow5 months ago
7 Things That Are Killing Your Creativity
I am a creative for a living. My hobbies are even creative. In Fact, I thank creativity each day for keeping me alive—because without it I don’t know where I would be. As someone that spends most of t...
Jordan <35 months ago
Why Did I Write an eBook?
Never in my life did I imagine that I would publish a book, of all things. What surprised me, even more, was that the topic was about political and societal problems amongst American youth mixed with ...
Lauren Anderson5 months ago
How I Passed Security+ in Two Weeks
Just a note before I begin: This is not a sponsored post and using my advice does not guarantee that you will pass. However, this worked for me and I wanted to share my experience. So my job requires ...
Bethany Ashlyn5 months ago
How to Side Hustle with a Full-Time Job
A "side hustle" is something that people have been doing for years but has recently become more popularized with younger generations (like myself). The definition of a "side hustle" is typically any t...
How To Jumpstart Your Career Like Warren Buffett and Steven Spielberg
Steven Spielberg and Warren Buffett are inarguably at the top of their respective fields. As a film director, Spielberg redefined the genre and pioneered the New Hollywood era of film. Rather than the...
Andrea Dawson6 months ago
Looking to Set Up a Niche Business? Here’s How
If you have been thinking of going into business on your own or together with a partner then you most likely have conducted a thorough research of the market you want to approach and you have a clear ...
Riza Sattar6 months ago
How to Find the Correct Search Engine Terms for Your Local Business
Every big success starts with a small venture, one small achievement leads to another and then another. Local businessmen find it hard to produce content that can be distinguished easily as there is m...
Yes, You Can Be Creative | Part 1
Creativity has been given this reverence of almost divine intervention, which makes it extremely intimidating. But, I'm here to tell you that it isn't as complicated as you think. Even those who feel ...
Jennica Janae6 months ago
How I Make $3000 a Month Working From Home
One of the questions people ask me quite often is, “How do you make money?” And the answer to that question is very simple, I’m a writer. A freelance writer. While there are many writers who are barel...
James Twyman6 months ago
7 Tips for Shooting Solo (The Making of 'Mary Jane')
What do you get if you take a great music track, an ambitious music video, no budget and no crew? Well on paper you should end up with an unwatchable mess, shoddy camera work, and a video that no one wants to watch... What we ended up with was 218k views, airtime on major TV channels and a lot of love for a video that was applauded for being beautifully shot and having a strong and emotional story.
Nancy D7 months ago
How to Never Be Late to Work Again
The more I tried to break my bad habit of being chronically late, the more the process reminded me of quitting smoking. Then I realized, that's the because the process is the same. If I could quit smo...
Jax Prime7 months ago
3 Tips for Being a YouTuber
It's 2018. YouTube has had a massive inflation of content creators. You see all these YouTubers going on vacations and enjoying a life of freedom and adventure. You want to be a part of that but have ...
Tyler Buchanan7 months ago
How to Market Your Small Business to Your Local College Students
Every year, college students in the U.S. spend 60 billion dollars, making them a sizable consumer demographic. About 33 billion of this is spent on the back-to-school necessities students usually get ...
Alyza Wishburn7 months ago
10 Ways to Become a Better Actor
Everyone always asks me how I do it. I always say that I don't know. I thought about it, and here are ten things that I do to be the actress that I am.