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Murial Bezanson2 years ago
Article Prompts to Cure Writer's Block
Compose a list of your top ten apps and why you would recommend them. Review the last book you read or movie you watched. Create the perfect date or lover. Write an open letter to a politician. Resear...
Starlight Tucker2 years ago
Starlight: Sewing Ideas Into Words
To seek inspiration intentionally is to tell oneself that the point of every beautiful and tragic part of life is another area to write about. Inspiration is sought out visually, emotionally, and ment...
Lexi Knight2 years ago
Life On Benefits
Now I can't speak for people in the USA but in the UK I can definitely agree that the benefit system is a hard one to deal with. If you're disabled or have children this will be different for you, but...
E DM2 years ago
How To Successfully Learn a New Language
Let me explain my current situation first because why would you listen to anything that I, a 20-year-old student, would say? Well, I was born in Belgium. In Belgium, we have 3 official languages. Dutc...
Andrej Kovacevic2 years ago
Strategic Advantages for Corporate Leadership in Focusing on Sustainability
Consistently, the demand for sustainability-oriented thinking is becoming pervasive in every sector of social, political, and business affairs. If one thing was to be understood about the voices of th...
Marilen Crump2 years ago
Focus On the First Mountain
The path to success is sometimes tricky and filled with challenges. It can leave you wondering what you can do to quickly manifest the vision you are hoping to achieve. I have pondered this many times...
Ashely Moore2 years ago
Hello and Welcome to Unemploymentville
The thought is traumatizing. Especially to an individual who has worked for more than 20 years without interruption. What about those individuals who have been in unemploymentville for more than 6 mon...
Claire Raymond2 years ago
Editing My Photos: The Power of Cropping
We all know how cropping can remove some unwanted things from a photo; it can be a great way to tidy up a picture. From removing the irritating photobomber, to totally cropping out an ex, it can be yo...
Web Design Skills That Enhance User Conversion and Engagement
Web design skills that enhance user conversion and engagement
Ashely Moore2 years ago
Break the Poverty Curse Cycle
Are you comfortable with your current circumstances? I asked this of one individual who I shall not name, as the smell of urine and smoke filled my lungs. The individual did not respond. I suppose the...
Ways to Impress Your Boss
There's something to be said about making sure your boss is pleased with your work. It can, in many circumstances, help you keep your job in times of financial turmoil. It also can help you get better...
Dre Joseph2 years ago
In America, what do Hip-Hop and R&B music, the black hair industry, and professional basketball and football leagues all have in common? They should ALL be owned by black people. Period. If blacks want to be strong enough to one day throw their money behind a political candidate to run for public office in every predominant US state with a pronounced black population, we will need the political capital to do it. What better way to do that then by the way of one of the industries we have a strong...
Elana Alexcina2 years ago
Bad Business? Write a Letter
Companies large and small have special representatives that handle customer complaints. Within these departments, customers are able to advise on their issues in order to have them investigated and po...
Kelly Bristow2 years ago
The F Plan, Tips to Help You Take Control of Your Inner Critic!
Tips to help you beat the inner critic and enable you to take back control of your inner power!
Claire Raymond2 years ago
How To Get Over Writer's Block
Anyone that writes anything on a regular basis knows exactly how frustrating writer's block can be. No matter how hard you stare at your screen, no words appear on it and you just can't get over it. A...
Dylan Shannon2 years ago
Fighting Writers Block
So, you want to write? Me too. What I find and am currently finding as I write this is that it can be really hard to transfer all the wonderful ideas from your head and put pen to paper. I have had ma...
Chad Smith 2 years ago
Building Wealth With myEcon
Greetings, future millionaires and billionaires. Welcome, I'm Chad and I am on a journey to obtain financial independence and I would like to extend to you an open-ended invitation to come along for t...
Casey Parker2 years ago
The Brain Doesn't Obey The Mind
We’ve all experienced it, usually without having noticed. Driving to a familiar location on your usual route. For example, you arrive, and then the realisation that you have absolutely no idea how you...