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Rent Payment Methods for Social Housing Tenants
How to Pay Rent From Standing-in-line to Going Online
Sarah Gray4 days ago
5 Steps to Finally Finishing Your Novel's First Draft
I have told myself since I was young that once day I would become an author of a book. I dreamed about the stories I would tell and the endless possibilities for writing. Throughout the years I have s...
How to Start Writing a Story/Book
Hello, fellow wordsmiths! Did you realize that there is a story needed to be told? Have you decided that you are ready to write your own story/book? Are you stuck on what steps to take? No need to wor...
Martin Rombach16 days ago
Writing the First Draft of Your Novel
I still remember the feeling of finishing my first draft. It’s an intense sense of accomplishment, like you’ve built a tower by hand. And while I wouldn’t consider the journey done (I’m still looking ...
Carmen Smitha month ago
Finding Your First Paying Clients Starting Out as a Freelancer in a New Industry
You have a skill that you enjoy and want to start making money off of it either full-time or as a side hustle to your current job. Depending on the skill you may be wanting to monetize (blogging, phot...
Alice 2 months ago
10 Ways to Make Your Writing Stand Out
Ever had trouble writing because you just don’t know what to do or how to start? Here’s a list of 10 things you can do to get you started in make your writing better!
Austin Armstrong2 months ago
How to Make a Profit in Business
Teach. There’s the short, straight, no bullshit answer for all you busy entrepreneurs and workers trying to get a little ahead in the game! For those of you who want more out of business and life, let...
Chloe Walton2 months ago
How to Get More Instagram Followers
With more than 400 million active users, Instagram has become a great place for companies to advertise. However, Instagram is often seen as one of the hardest places to gain followers for some compani...
Madeline Zenk2 months ago
How To Write an Interview Thank-You Email
Now that you've made it through your job search and interview process, there's the selection process, which can go either way depending on how you respond. Some hiring managers will opt to select some...
Amanda Morgan3 months ago
How to Create a SWOT Analysis
First of all, what is a SWOT analysis? A SWOT analysis identifies internal STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES and external OPPORTUNITIES and THREATS. Essentially, this makes a SWOT analysis a glorified pros and...
Nancy D3 months ago
The Basics of Being a Waitress
First things first, from now on don't call the people you are serving customers ... call them guests. Make your guests feel at home and welcome. I usually do this by verbally saying they are always he...
Daija Stepney3 months ago
Tips on How to Write
Hello Vocal writers! I am back and starting fresh. During my time away, I was doing a lot of thinking and coming up with ways to present my writing better. I previously had an account with Vocal and I...
Glenn Harriman3 months ago
The Art of Great Coaching
Many managers seem to cringe at the thought of coaching their employees when performance comes up short. I mean, after all, don’t they already know their jobs? Why in the world would they need coachin...
Nancy D4 months ago
How to Be an Amazing Server
This is a lot to take in at once, so I apologize in advance. Just try to take in what you need/want. First things first, they are guests in the restaurant, not just customers. Treat them like you woul...
Cathylouise Ablett4 months ago
How to Survive Life as a Freelance Writer – Part 3
So far, we have covered preparation for life as a freelance writer and how to find work. Just as important to your future success, however, is helping people find you and learn more about you – otherw...
Jason Anschutz4 months ago
How to Write a Professional Business Resume
You just heard about a job opening at a company you would like to work for. The job summary includes great potential and advancement with potential benefits. To apply, candidates must include three re...
Lady Red4 months ago
How To Manifest What You Want by Pushing Through Resistance
For many of us, finding a job is a challenge. Many factors that may be working against us in our search for employment is geographical location, the opportunities available that are within our experie...
Sarah Phillips4 months ago
Ten Successful Subject Line Formulas to Try on Your Next Marketing Email
Finding the right subject line for your amazing email series can be hard. I get it. You want to create a sense of urgency to encourage your email subscribers to open and take action, but you don't wan...