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Sarah Russell6 days ago
How To: Capturing Readers Interest (Wattpad Addition #2)
(Side Note: These tips could also work for writing any book, I just like to gear my tips toward Wattpad since that's where my experience is at.) Ever wonder how some writers get so many views on Wattp...
dana blouin9 days ago
How to Craft a Killer Pitch Deck
As an entrepreneur, nothing can seem more overwhelming than getting up in front of investors to pitch as you try to raise funds. And I’ll be honest, it’s going to be a massive part of what you do as a...
Milton G. Boothea month ago
The Form 1040 Tax Return: Claiming Your Adjustments, Exemptions, Deductions and Credits.
The apparent complexity of tax laws is probably one of the main reasons why people, in general, might be turned off from trying to educate themselves concerning basic tax matters that would enable the...
Nancy Fingerhooda month ago
7 Tips to Create a Web Series
So you have the next best concept for a TV show but you don’t have any connections to Netflix or NBC. No worries. With YouTube, Vimeo, Funny or Die and host of other web platforms, you can still tell ...
Eva Leea month ago
How to Answer Questions on Weakness and Strong Points in an Interview
In an interview, no matter what position you have applied for, the hiring manager will definitely throw a question that demands a candidate to talk about his strong and weak points. While some recruit...
Beau Arnfielda month ago
How To: Rock at Networking
So, you're on your professional journey and you're looking for ways to meet people and gain invaluable contacts, and insights, into the future of your business. There is an event coming up, and there ...
Shaalynn Steppsa month ago
How To: Start Your Own Successful Housekeeping Business
Here's a step-by-step instruction on how to start your own housekeeping business.
Shelby Taylora month ago
How To Not Suck As A Lyft/Uber Driver
I've been using Lyft a lot over the past few months, both as a driver and as a passenger, and there are things I've noticed: things that work and things that do not, things that warrant five stars, an...
Jane Kenneya month ago
How To: Work from Home
If you're anything like me, you dream about the day you can quit your day job and work from home for the rest of your life. Hold on for a second, though. Don't quit your day job just yet! I know, no o...
6 Tips to Help Your Lead Generation
Lead generation refers to the process of turning strangers into prospective business clients or customers. Leads are not necessarily ready to buy your product or service, but they are willing to pay a...
5 Ways to Increase Productivity at Work
Have you ever wondered why your workplace looks and feels like it does? It’s all really obvious — everything inside an office space is oriented towards boosting productivity; think about it, what else...
How to Identify and Leverage Your Differentiators
In Business Communication, the first step of your marketing strategy should be to define the voice or persona of the company. In order to achieve at the end of this process a strong brand identity cap...
M Ma month ago
How to Gain Work Experience
These days, many people, mostly young adults, struggle to get a job because they do not have any work experience. A lot of them question how they can even get experience without a job. How can they ge...
Paddy Halla month ago
The Ten Days of WriMo
(If you already know what NaNoWriMo is, and are just looking for the Ten Days of WriMo part of the article, you can skip this first bit.)
Eva Leea month ago
How To Draft a Resume Summary
A resume summary is written with the intent of highlighting your qualifications for the job. It gives a synopsis of your professional qualifications and demonstrates necessary skills. So all in all, i...
Michael Waugh2 months ago
The "Easy" Life – Part 1
Firstly, thank you for joining me here today to listen to what I have to say. I promise you it will not be time wasted. This is a quick introduction to a guide I am creating on what I have experienced...
Hannah Kay2 months ago
How To Pants Like a Plotter
If you're a writer, you have probably heard of the "panster" vs. "plotter" debate, but in case you haven't, I'll break it down. A PANSTER is a writer that [essentially] sits down at the keyboard and w...