Key historic events throughout the ages in relation to business, work, corporate figures and moguls.

Chelsea Pullano3 years ago
How Revlon's Charles Revson Pioneered the Cosmetics Industry
Charles Haskell Revson was an American businessman and philanthropist who is best known as the pioneering cosmetics industry executive who created and managed Revlon through five decades. When Elka, t...
Zach Foster3 years ago
The Sega-Nintendo War
Console wars can be an amazing phenomenon for gamers to witness. When two consoles are struggling for dominance of the video game market, both manufacturers will compete to create some of the best system features and highest quality video games ever made. Console wars can also get nasty, as they involve fans who are ultra-passionate about their favorite console and they’ll argue to defend the choice they’ve been spending their money on. That’s exactly what happened in the 1990s when Sega and Nin...
Zach Foster3 years ago
What Is the Puke Point? 
If you know much about trading and investing market and stock shares, then you’ll know the “puke point” is the dark, bleak horror land that no investor ever wants to reach... but likely will eventually. At the very best, hitting the puke point means a really crappy day in the market. At worst, the puke point spells out financial ruin for traders or investors who put too many eggs in one shaky basket.
Natasha Sydor3 years ago
History of Penthouse vs Playboy
Some say that this was the sexiest war ever fought, others maintain it was the most sexist war in history. Others pretend it never happened (you read Playboy for the articles, right?). One thing is ce...
Emily McCay3 years ago
Whatever Happened to the Business Card?
"Every dog has its day" as the old expression goes, which in the case of the humble business card means that it's "15 minutes of fame" has, rather remarkably, persisted for well over 400 years. There ...
Frank White3 years ago
Why Were Cigars a Symbol of Corporate Success?
Winston Churchill, John F Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Stalin and Che Guevara – political icons on both sides of the divide – are all well known for their companion piece, the cigar. Men of wealth, and powe...