Key historic events throughout the ages in relation to business, work, corporate figures and moguls.

Sean Patrick6 months ago
What I Learned Reporting on the Death of Princess Diana
I was 20 years old when I landed my first job in professional radio. I began work as what we called a board operator, the person in charge of making sure that syndicated programming, in this case the ...
Maruf Hossain7 months ago
Standardized Testing
"I Just Sued The School System" in many ways has emphasized the overall core issue in the U.S. Education System. The one size fits all, cookie cutter issue. It has also explained a major issue within standardized testing.
The Price of Education and Teaching: Part I
When I was growing up, I never even imagined finishing elementary school; this was especially true due to our family's severe poverty, so I was lucky I survived adolescence and graduated from elementa...
Ashely Moore8 months ago
Break the Poverty Curse Cycle
Are you comfortable with your current circumstances? I asked this of one individual who I shall not name, as the smell of urine and smoke filled my lungs. The individual did not respond. I suppose the...
Suzannah Fischer8 months ago
No Joke: Feynman & the Common Core
One of the things I have been working on as a point of self-improvement recently is broadening my horizons as far as reading materials are concerned. I've always prided myself on my willingness to rea...
NorViance Henry8 months ago
The Digital Renaissance and What It Means to Me
Greetings to all who may read this, whether you're in my lifetime or not. As I write, we are approaching the second half of 2017, and preparing for a new decade, the 2020s. With that being said, as mo...
Michael Olaniran8 months ago
Gideon - The First Psychologist
The father of psychology is widely known as Wilhelm Wundt, who established the first research laboratory dedicated to psychology, in Leipzig in 1879 (Braisby & Gellatly, 2005) The most significant and...
Rikki La Rouge9 months ago
Review of The Founder
The Founder tells the story of McDonald's and the man who made the fast food franchise into what it is today. In The Founder, we follow the story of the man who made the once fledgling roadside lunch ...
Anthony Gramuglia10 months ago
Most Successful Franchises
The franchise business model has, in many cases, become kinda over-powering. Business empires have set their roots in every continent (actually, maybe not Antarctica), which has forever altered the co...
Cato Conroy10 months ago
Recruitment Tips From Gang Members, Cult Leaders, and MLM Founders That Work
If you're an entrepreneur, then you already know how hard it is to find (and keep) good talent in your company. That being said, you will need people to do the work that needs to be done. It seems lik...
Anthony Gramuglia10 months ago
Old Jobs that No Longer Exist
This is a sad reality of life: jobs grow old, and, sometimes, should no longer exist. Obsolescence is a reality of any occupation. Your job may very well one day go away. It won't be anyone's fault. I...
Dr. Williams10 months ago
The Human Tragedy Of American Capitalism
As Donald Trump continues pointing fingers at the Democrats for our economic woes, now is a good time to clear the air about our economic system in the World today. The fact of the matter is that we h...
Cato Conroya year ago
Career Advice From Famous Gangsters
No parent in their right mind wants their kid to grow up to be a gangster. Gang affiliation comes with a price tag that can involve serious injury, long stints in jail, and even the deaths of family m...
Matt Catesa year ago
Work, Kids, College, Rotate
Hard to type an essay on Gothic literature bouncing a baby on your knee. But with each bound of the red-headed binky sucker, I reminded myself: “This is what you wanted, man.” Homework was due on Ann ...
Journal Staffa year ago
Origin of ‘Always Be Closing’
Children and successful business men have more in common than you may think. One of the first few things they learn in their formative years of life as a child or a businessman are their ABCs. "A-B-C....
Chelsea Pullanoa year ago
History of the Michelin Man
The tire industry achieves an average of $32.1 billion in sales annually. Michelin accounts for 12 percent of these sales. Michelin is one of the three largest tire manufacturers in the world, compara...
Chelsea Pullanoa year ago
How Revlon's Charles Revson Pioneered the Cosmetics Industry
Charles Haskell Revson was an American businessman and philanthropist who is best known as the pioneering cosmetics industry executive who created and managed Revlon through five decades. When Elka, t...
Zach Fostera year ago
The Sega-Nintendo War
Console wars can be an amazing phenomenon for gamers to witness. When two consoles are struggling for dominance of the video game market, both manufacturers will compete to create some of the best system features and highest quality video games ever made. Console wars can also get nasty, as they involve fans who are ultra-passionate about their favorite console and they’ll argue to defend the choice they’ve been spending their money on. That’s exactly what happened in the 1990s when Sega and Nin...