heroes and villains

Heroes and Villains throughout history that have defined their industries and workflow as we know it today. Those we look up to, and those we learn mistakes from.

Greg Bogart3 months ago
10 Signs You're the Boss Everyone Hates
Everybody wants to be a boss. Whether you're a CEO, President, or a lower-level manager, the inherent desire for power remains a big incentive for employees amongst all industries. However, being a bo...
Aarushi Shetty9 months ago
Writing Villains
A hero in the story can only be glorified if he battles a convincing and strong villain. Villains usually are the archetype of fiction that embody the fear, evils, loss, anger and darkness of the soci...
Rosalyn Gramsa year ago
Confessions of a Disabled Job-Seeker - The One with the Travel Consultant
This article is a confession of my recent conduct when applying for work. The typical behaviour of many employers, recruiters and interviewers towards disabled job applicants is still discriminatory—a...
Bridget Meier2 years ago
My Friend the Police Officer
I have known this man decently for at least three years. We went to the same high school and served in the Manual Academy JROTC program. As I've grown to know him, he's been more and more himself. In ...
Scott Snowden2 years ago
The Secret of Your Success
Once you've left the relative womb-like safety of tertiary education, it's up to you to struggle through the commercial sector. And they expect results. However, the professional minefield that is cor...