Economy and the area of production, distribution, trade, and consumption of goods and services.

Amy Short6 months ago
Why Are So Many People Continuing to Read Books Despite Living in a Digital World?
In 2015, over 2.6 billion physical books were sold according to the Publisher's Association. This amount means that there has been a 7% increase in the total amount of physical book sales than the yea...
Alexius McCoy6 months ago
How To Budget Successfully
Budgeting is not something you typically learn in school, but it is a life skill that everyone needs to know and master. I will show you how I learned to budget as a kid and how I adapted it to my adu...
Jacquelyn Miccolis6 months ago
Big Mistakes That You Don't Realize You Are Making
Time and time again, I watch new businesses open and close! It recently dawned on me that there are several "classic" mistakes that business owners are making. I have compiled a short list of tips tha...
Alexius McCoy6 months ago
Why Successful People Stay Successful
Every success person I have I ever talked to or read about have one major thing in common... A Success Notebook. This notebook not only holds their thoughts and feelings, but their goals, people they'...
Jacquelyn Miccolis6 months ago
Short On Cash? You Aren't Alone!
Short on cash? Struggling to get by? You are not alone! If you are like most people these days, you are living on a budget. Living within your means can be difficult, which is why most of us have accu...
Roy Osing6 months ago
4 Powerful Ways You Can Tip Without Feeling Guilty
The hospitality industry expects you to tip their employees and employees expect to be tipped. Your bill arrives, and, under the guise of making it easier for the customer to calculate the tip, owners...
Angela Baerthel6 months ago
8/26/15 Today is a great day. After a lifelong journey on the welfare rolls....we are done. Say goodbye to the bullshit of the Ramsey county welfare office. No more every six-month review. The dauntin...
Miranda O'Conner6 months ago
Jobs that Don't Require a Degree
While many people believe that you can't start a career without college, there are tons of jobs that don't require a degree. Many people just don't feel like college is for them, and that's okay. So l...
Jessie White6 months ago
Budgeting A Household
No one likes budgeting. The very word, budget, gives people the feeling of restriction and financial stress. While creating a budget and sticking to it can leave you a bit restricted, it's not really ...
Edward Anderson6 months ago
The Gig Economy
"Get a real job!" My Dad used to yell that at me all the time. For the most part I have been working contract or freelance jobs since 2010. There have been times when I have taken on a full time job, ...
Jessie White6 months ago
Saving Money
Alright, it’s a topic that everyone brings up and that everyone seems to have some trick or talent for doing. But let’s face it, saving money can be hard. Especially if you’re a young adult living on ...
Marlene Affeld6 months ago
Calling All Angels
An angel investor, more precisely known within the international financial world as a business angel or angel financier, is an affluent individual who provides capital for innovative business start-up...
Caitlin McDonald6 months ago
Crafting Your Post-Apocalyptic Resume
If you’ve been marking off the days since President Trump obtained the nuclear codes with increasing trepidation, now might be the time to brush up on your post-apocalyptic resume. Just because your L...
Daniel Johnson7 months ago
The Equation That Will Make You Look at the Way You Spend Money Differently Forever
We have all heard the saying that time is money, but have you ever considered that money is time? In mathematics, the word "is" functions exactly like an equal sign. Therefore, if the saying "time is ...
Matt Cates7 months ago
"How Did You Want to Spend Your Life?": Fight Club Philosophy Meets Overseas English Teaching
"I don't want to change your life," I wrote to her via Facebook Messenger. And that was true...because what I wanted was for her to change her own life. My role was only to act as catalyst... Stop, le...
Seller's Choice7 months ago
The Importance of Customer Service
From Siri and Alexa to self-driving cars, robots have taken over our modern world, including business and HR functions. While mechanizing these processes may be useful in some areas, digitalization in...
Claire Raymond7 months ago
How to Save Money Around the House
How to Save Money Around the House