Economy and the area of production, distribution, trade, and consumption of goods and services.

Iggy Paulsen12 days ago
Why You Should Start Taking Social Security Benefits at 62
Ah, Social Security. It's a boon for all those who want to retire or just cut down on work during their old age. After paying into it for decades, every American citizen will get the change to qualify...
Antwanette Howard3 months ago
Living in Dallas, TX (Economics)
I am here to share a story about living and working in Dallas, Texas. People want to move here because they see that there are a lot of money opportunities here, but what they don't see is that it's a...
Iggy Paulsen6 months ago
Frequently Asked 401(k) Questions You Need the Answers To
Ah, the 401(k)—the modern corporate pension. Having a 401(k) is a smart way to make sure that you have enough money later on down the road, and if you're like many other Americans, it's also an epic r...
Logan Baker7 months ago
Top 5 Short Term Investments
When I was in high school, I took a consumer finance class. I have always been inclined to be business minded and I remember being very excited about the class when I registered. It only took me a few...
Dylan Baldessari7 months ago
Investing Methods for 2018
How to Start the Year with a Plan
Dylan Baldessari8 months ago
Investing Strategies​ for 2018
What Your Portfolio Should Look Like
Sarah Phillips8 months ago
Christmas, Marketing, and Why I Almost Went Crazy at the Mall Today
The day I received my Marketing Degree, my Dad starting referring to me as a "Master Manipulator." I'd love to say it was affectionate, but I'm not sure it was. He would point his finger at me every t...
Michael Grube8 months ago
Crypto Volatility vs. Instant Gratification
Throughout the history of the US market, there has always been a certain, accepted risk when it came to any individual willing to take the chance with their own money. A small amount of knowledge into...
linda kerane9 months ago
Which Is the Best Credit Card in UK to Clear off £3000 of Debt?
According the a survey by consumer watchdog Which?, a quarter of British adults could only afford Christmas by borrowing. Three in twenty are still paying off debts from Christmas 2012 and four in ten...
ash 9 months ago
Minimum Wage
With the economy in the gutter we can only ask ourselves how we as a country can improve it. How we as residential citizens may be affected in the short run and in the long run. Like always we as citi...
Milton G. Boothe9 months ago
You May Be Able to Claim a Relative You Financially Support (Other than Your Child), on Your Tax Return
Some taxpayers are of the perception that they can only claim their own children on their tax returns, as legitimate dependents. Taxpayers, however, can also claim on as dependents, other persons who ...
Milton G. Boothe9 months ago
The Head of Household Filing Status — Some Interesting Facts that Are Oftentimes Overlooked
For an unmarried taxpayer, filing Head of Household (HOH) can have substantial financial benefits over filing as a single status taxpayer. In filing as Head of Household, one enjoys lower tax rates an...
Milton G. Boothe10 months ago
Do You Know That Under Tax Law You Can Still Be Legally Married But “Considered Unmarried” When Filing Your Taxes?
The general rule for married folks filing their tax returns is that they can ONLY use file as Married Filing Jointly (MFJ) or Married Filing Separately (MFS). Most married folks will typically choose ...
Milton G. Boothe10 months ago
Two Critical Reasons Why You Should Not Trust Anyone to Prepare Your Taxes
Learning to do your own taxes is not as daunting a task as your tax professional might want you to perceive it to be. Actually, tax preparation software has come a long way in the past few years, maki...
Milton G. Boothe10 months ago
If the IRS Sends You a Bill that You Can’t Pay, What Should You Do?
Well, for starters, please don’t have a heart attack! But before we proceed any further, it is very important for you to be cognizant of the fact that many people are receiving threatening phone calls...
Benjamin Weinberg10 months ago
What is the Consumer Price Index (CPI)?
What is the consumer price index? It is an economic term that often gets a lot of coverage in financial news but whose actual meaning and definition remains elusive for the average person. The Consume...
Victor Trammell10 months ago
Federal Reserve Recently Boasted About a Robust US Job Market – Is This Fact or Fiction?
During a two-day, end-of-quarter series of meetings late last month, top officials at the US Federal Reserve unveiled their plans in the near future for managing the nation's economy. The issues at th...
Cody Perrya year ago
Struggling to Survive
To the outside world, I am a successful, intelligent person with a wealth of possibilities in front of me. However, fear and doubt seem to permeate my every thought throughout the day and I wonder if ...