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Emma Bayliss5 months ago
Am I Too Young to Do This?
In my first job after uni I had "gut-feelings" about challenges or short-comings in the marketing department. I couldn't put my finger on the problem and I didn't know what I didn't know. So I tried t...
Ashly Arbes5 months ago
Pick One
What do you do when you have so many things you enjoy in life? "Just pick a career!" everyone will tell you. Teachers, parents, friends, mentors, everybody. How do you pick a path in life when you lov...
Yvonne li5 months ago
4 Tips on Finding Your "Passion"
I changed my major five times in my undergrad. I tried about four different diets since I was a teenager. I had five different fashion styles throughout my life. And, I worked about six jobs since I g...
Greg Sanchez5 months ago
How Commercial Kitchens Made Me Cynical
Once upon a time, when I was a child, I wanted to grow up to become a mathematician. I dreamed of collecting data that could be used to solve mundane problems that could be key to a better society. My...
Stacie Elliott5 months ago
Reinvent to Prevent
Ok, so when we become adults, we decide that we have it all together, right? We get a job that we intend to be a career and then countless jobs later we find ourselves 40 years old and starting back a...
Ash Gutierrez5 months ago
Saying Goodbye
It was over two years ago, I'd walked into the living room where my father who rarely showed signs of distress looked almost unrecognizable in his sadness. "They found Erica." I knew it was going to h...
Bethany Ashlyn5 months ago
How To Know If Your Dream Should Be a Career
A friend of mine recently went to college to follow his dream career. He graduated, got a job, and was incredibly excited to start this new journey of life. Within a few months, he realized something ...
Ossiana Tepfenhart5 months ago
10 Jobs That Don't Require a High School Diploma
I will be the first to admit that I don't necessarily think that college is the only way to reach your personal definition of success. One can easily argue that many successful college dropouts have f...
Jesus Cortez5 months ago
They Hire, but They DON'T
There are a lot of job in the U.S.; it's around 6 million jobs. How about unemployed? There are around 6.8 million unemployed Americans and this can be increasing everyday. One of those unemployed Ame...
Selah Rodgers5 months ago
Why I Want to Become a Nurse
I think it's safe to say that anyone who is interested in becoming a nurse can all agree on the same reasons as to why they feel lead to go to school for this profession. Maybe a friend, or someone in...
Life as a Ballet Dancer
It’s always really awkward at family parties when that one aunt, who isn’t really your aunt, but you call your aunt just out of convenience, asks you what school you’ve decided on or what major you’ve...
Alicia Schmidt6 months ago
Inside the Mind of a Writer
As of now, I'm a 29-year-old writer. What do I write? How do I get there? Well, that's a good question. Sometimes, I don't know either. The only thing I do know is that I have spent years writing, eit...
Stephanie Straka6 months ago
You Model? Really?
I am a model. I have been doing it since 2012 but that is not what I tell people. I don't tell people I am a model. Why do you think that is? Is it because I don't want to be judged? Is it because I a...
Eric Wilkerson6 months ago
My Life in Vape
Clouds and Clouds
Bethany Ashlyn6 months ago
Why I'll Never Work in a Restaurant Again
Before I start this, I want to put out a full disclosure. I am by no means trying to upset or insult anyone who works in the restaurant industry. I know plenty of close friends who absolutely love the...
Rachel K6 months ago
The Truth About Being a Flight Attendant
When I went to my flight attendant interview they told us that being a flight attendant is the best kept secret, but that the secret was out. With over 300,000 applicants to my specific airline the ac...
Jessica Nova6 months ago
Why I Started Blogging, and Maybe Why You Should Too
Blogging has never been something I have considered, like, ever. My literature related hobbies have always involved reading books and random, "What type of pizza are you?" articles on Buzzfeed. Howeve...
Melinda Dawson6 months ago
"One day I'm going to become an author." That's what I used to tell everyone when I was going through the fourth grade. The big plan. Well, write a bunch of really cool books and be the next J. K. Row...