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Trials and Tribulations of Starting Out as A Freelance (Copy)Writer
How to Avoid Being Scammed by Dishonest Employers.
Made in DNA2 years ago
The Minimalist Guide to Formatting Your eBooks
First and foremost, most, if not all, of this information can be found or gleaned from the Smashwords Style Guide by Mr. Mark Coker, and/or the Amazon guides in their authors' community forums at the ...
Roy Osing2 years ago
The Young Professional's To Don't List
It's useful to focus on what young professionals (YP) should DO to achieve a successful career, but it's also instructive to define what they should NOT DO. These items should be on the YP's TO DON'T ...
Robert Bayley2 years ago
Run Your Own Newspaper (Part 2)
My excitement at becoming a Media Baron soon turned to fear… what now? Well, the beauty of a takeover means almost everything is in place, the only missing ingredient is your own X-factor. So here are...
Robert Bayley2 years ago
Run Your Own Newspaper
I was recently watching a European Champion's League game on TV in my local social club when I got a tap on my shoulder. A guy I'd met, but rarely spoken to, started talking about the local newspaper ...
Ben Berwick2 years ago
What It Takes to be an F1 Star
The purpose of the post is one of my long-time passions, Formula 1 motor racing. I've written at length about this absorbing sport on my personal site, and so it seems like a good topic to cover as th...
Gavin Tovar2 years ago
Production Meetings
Every single filmmaker, whether it be on a large or minuscule scale, has to have a production meeting with their cast and crew weeks before their set shooting date. The purpose of these meetings is to...
Scott Snowden2 years ago
The Secret of Your Success
Once you've left the relative womb-like safety of tertiary education, it's up to you to struggle through the commercial sector. And they expect results. However, the professional minefield that is cor...
Brian K. Henry2 years ago
Modern Ethics
A quick quiz for the challenged.
Rachel A. David2 years ago
What It's Like To Be A: Stop Smoking Expert
Rocky Rosen doesn't care if you smoke; as long as you're comfortable with your cigarette addiction, more power to you. This seems a rather counterintuitive (and career-ending) approach for someone who...
Suki Tranqille2 years ago
Want to Live, Travel, and Earn Money Abroad?
To anyone familiar with oft-visited Central American cities, Boquete, Panama is well known as the valley of eternal rainbows and city of flowers. However, what started as a popular destination for ret...
Gavin Tovar2 years ago
How Do I Write a Script?
Young filmmakers begin exploring their field of study when they are in a unique prime of their youth. They are trying to find their individual identity and stepping out of their comfort zone as they d...
Gaurav Sharma2 years ago
The Ultimate Slaves of 9 to 5
Some stuff happened with me at work and I am a bit frustrated today. But that incident made me think of our lives at the workplace. Today’s incident helped me see the bigger picture and understand the...
Roy Osing2 years ago
What Is Standout Leadership?
We don't need great leaders, we need leaders who standout among their peers. A simple but useful way to crystallize the essentials of standout leadership is to express what it IS and what it IS NOT. T...
Leila Parker2 years ago
Tough Lessons That Can Make You More Successful
For some people, success just seems to come naturally. But conquering your goals is something that takes daily commitment, dedication, and a lot of tough learning. Take a look at some of these lessons...
Lauren Marzolla2 years ago
'La La Land' is an Artist's Life
The ending of "La La Land", a recent film directed by Damien Chapelle, had some people crying out in angst. It seems a tragedy for Mia and Sebastian to go on living separate lives. She wove together a...
Gavin Tovar2 years ago
How to Become a Filmmaker in High School
High school is about the time when teenagers start thinking about what they want to do with their lives. Some may already have a better idea than the rest and refuse to wait until they have a college ...
Richard Owens2 years ago
Habits to Help You Build Wealth
Most of us are concerned about money. Making more, saving more, having more to spend. When focusing on money and how to build our wealth, we might tend to put our energy toward all of the habits direc...