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Kay Mellinger17 hours ago
Just a Minion in the Workplace
Have you ever worked for a company that made so many promises to you, but never kept them? I have. It was so ridiculous. Here's my story. So I worked for a company as a shift manager. I loved my job. ...
Sierra I16 days ago
The Path to Obtaining Your Perfect Career
Sometimes it just seems like there is no perfect "dream" career for us. You know, the one job that you love waking up for every morning and truly have a passion for. Or, sometimes, we simply just don'...
Lovelli Fuad21 days ago
11 Useful Places to Look for Your First Remote Job
To survive in the long-run, freelancers establish their authority by building a brand and registering their freelance business. In their free time they build up their portfolio and invest in setting u...
A Fillmore25 days ago
Opening Myself Up for Other Opportunities
All of a sudden my perspective changed again. I started to think about ways to make my exit. Even though I had been showing up everyday and fighting the good fight, I was done. Even me being there was...
The Real Struggle of Adult Life
We go through most of our lives with not very many stresses and having parents take care of you. My parents taught me young about how to pay my bills and work a full time job while going to school. I'...
Lovelli Fuada month ago
7 Reasons You’re Not an Influencer Blogger Just Yet
Here are some valid reasons why you haven’t started that blog.
Rosemary P.a month ago
What It's like to Be: Working with Your Husband on Industrial Projects
Him: Would you like come work with me ? Me: (without even thinking about it 'cause it sounds awesome) YES ! ______________________________________ Here we are, four years later, sitting at a table fac...
Joshua Terrya month ago
A Love Affair with Communications
Nearly ten years ago, I walked across the stage after being handed by diploma in Public Relations. Recently, I was back at my alma mater to talk to students in that same program about media relations ...
Alex Korra month ago
Top 5 Tips to Getting an Awful Customer Service or Never Do If You Want a Good Experience
Hey guys, this is my first blog and I hope I wont be judged too hard. I have worked in a call center for years and I have discovered that customer agents are not always as respected and valued for the job they do. I hope this tiny blog will educate people that if you want a good customer service service, manners cost nothing to you.Some of the things are of course exaggerated but it is just for entertainment purposes. Sometimes you can get an agent who is not as competent or is not very nice and therefore apologies for the experience wherever you've had this.There are also some amazing customers. I just wanted to raise awareness for people who think that what I have written below will help you in any way, awareness that if you want good customer service, manners cost nothing and we are all people, not robots as some tend to refer to us. We want to help you! I hope my fellow co-workers find it entertaining and be able to have a little bit of a laugh in the daily job. I am with you guys! You are all superstars!
Marie Shadowsa month ago
Failure Doesn't Mean Getting a City Job
Amazing three months working at/with WWE came to a crashing halt on October 30, 2018. I was discharged over a three-day span of “inaccuracies” of logging the WWE programming. I worked on WWE Network v...
Alexandra Lilyaa month ago
My Journaling Adventure
"The Story Ends When You End." "The first draft is just you telling yourself the story"—Terry Pratchett.
Mady Evansa month ago
Applying for Jobs After College
So you spend most of your high school career trying to sound fancy to get into college; writing essays, going on tours, keeping up grades, being the best sport player. When you find the right school y...
Kyrabe Storiesa month ago
The Impact of a Leave Notice
Hello again, everyone! At a previous job, I got let go from a position due to a two-week notice, and that left me feeling bewildered and betrayed. What’s bad is that it wasn’t the manager to whom I ga...
Luis Lopeza month ago
The Grass Is Greener in Texas
Hollywood had always been a place where my dreams had the potential to come true. Being that California is known for its movie studios and talent scouts, I envisioned a fantasy of moving out to the Go...
Non-Profit Job Descriptions
Somebody in charge will be the president, I will be the Vice President or whatever title I can come up with that suits the sort of job description needed. I need to have a consultant, a staff psychiat...
Tasha Zdeneka month ago
Mourning a Job Loss
A lot like the death of anything in someone's life... the death of a job or position is a process to internalize. I recently experienced getting fired for the first time in my life. I've been let go b...
Bethany Ashlyna month ago
I Spent a Year Working at an Outdoor Garden Center
This past year I had decided to get a part-time job. While I absolutely love writing, I was turning into a severe homebody who had poor social skills. It was as if the more time I spent alone, the mor...
Autumn Ellesmerea month ago
Why I Write
Writing has always been somewhat of a well engrained hobby of mine. I was able to write short stories long before I could adequately read at grade level. God how I loved to write and make up new world...