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Kevin a day ago
New Year, New You, New Career
For many people, making a career change is their primary goal for the new year. In fact, it often ranks at the top of the list, close to losing weight, in the resolutions people most often make. Yet, ...
Kevin Gardner6 days ago
Finding the Right Job
Many of us reach a point where we are dissatisfied with where our career decisions have led us. Maybe we just took the first opportunity available, or we might have enjoyed our job once upon a time an...
Writing Is NOT Your Meal Ticket
What happens when you pursue a degree in Writing (or anything similar in the field of English)? And what happens after you finally get that degree? After spending countless hours writing essays, cling...
Kevin Gardner11 days ago
3 of the Worst Post-Graduation Jobs to End Up With
It's not uncommon these days to hear stories of how post-graduates ended up with shattered dreams, and uncertain futures as they found themselves working jobs that did nothing to show their degree was...
Kevin Gardner13 days ago
How to Optimize Your Self- Development in the Workplace
Self-development is extremely important in the workplace. It is how you build a company to grow and succeed. This is mainly due to the fact that labor is such a big component in the workplace. Matter ...
Kevin Gardner15 days ago
The 5 Career Choices that You May Have Overlooked
So many jobs exist in the world today. A plethora of jobs that you may have never been exposed to during your high school years may suddenly strike you as interesting position that you can take on. He...
Isaiah Goodman16 days ago
Becoming Enlightened
So, you landed a new job? Amazing! The last step is just to pass a background check, and drug test—no problem. You don’t use drugs, so no worries there. But, what’s on that background check? There are...
Rhiannon D'Averc18 days ago
Why You Should Quit Your Job Tomorrow
You may have thought about it already. Why shouldn’t you just quit your job, and do something you love? You’re not alone, either: most people fantasize about starting their own business, even though o...
Kevin Gardner19 days ago
Best Career Opportunities in IT
The world is currently taken over by matters of technology. Most aspects that surround life are intertwined with technology. This is the main reason why IT jobs are gaining a lot of growth as time goe...
Ericka Noelle20 days ago
Fuck a "Starving" Artist, I'm Mad
I'm so fucking pissed right now and I've realized when I'm pissed off, is actually when I do some of my best creative work, so here are all of my emotions, paint whatever pic you want with them—even i...
Rick Delgadoa month ago
Working in Tech? Here's What to Learn Next
The tech field is constantly changing, and remaining current is critical for advancing in the field and landing exciting new opportunities. However, the breadth of the field can make it difficult to k...
Kari Oakleya month ago
Gig Workers VS Independent Contractors
Many companies require the services of outside personnel to complete jobs and tasks, or to get the job done. Traditionally, such personnel have been known as independent contractors. The gig industry,...
Flora Silvera month ago
How to Spot and Avoid Awful Companies in London
They say that you learn by making mistakes and that you’re not going to progress if you always do everything right the first time. I would add that if you never saw it done right at least once, you’ll...
David Perrottaa month ago
Destined for Greatness
It was exactly 22 years ago when I got a job. I was managing a small call centre with 40 employees. I hadn’t had any management training, didn’t have any role models around me, as we were a satellite ...
Flora Silvera month ago
I Finally Found a Job in London
Let me tell you about the job I got in London: Legal & Business Affairs Manager at a small construction company. I never thought it would be the kind of job I land in the city, but again I don’t have ...
Octavio a month ago
What Is It Like at an Acting Audition?
Auditioning is just a fancy way of saying a "job interview," but at the same time it's so much more. I will say that if you've been auditioning for a while, you'd make a killer job interviewer in the ...
Kevin Gardnera month ago
Is the Peace Corps Right for You?
Maybe you’re fresh out of school and are looking for an adventure before settling into a career. Maybe you already have a career, and are looking for a break. When you’re looking for something excitin...
Anniika Emraea month ago
Where Did My Education Get Me?
Five months into the year a lot has happened in such a short time. Let us start on the postgraduate life experience. What has been the most significant change you ask? Nothing, absolutely nothing but ...