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Neil White14 days ago
A Brief Guide to Health and Safety in the Workplace
Being safe at work is a responsibility shared by both the employee and the employer. Workplace health and safety starts with the identification of all hazards and potential for harm. This risk assessm...
EmmaWilliams 14 days ago
Top 5 Ways to Make Your Customers Feel Comfortable
Delays in your services are sometimes inevitable. Some unexpected things may happen which will require your customers to wait for a little longer. The problem is that some customers tend to be impatie...
Jonathan G14 days ago
What It Takes for an Internet-Based Startup to Succeed
Pretty much everyone is wanting an internet-based business due to lower overhead (usually), location independence or grabbing onto the dream of being the next Mark Zuckerberg or Mark Cuban. Of course,...
Kevin 15 days ago
6 Vital Ways to Save Time and Money for Your Business
The road to saving money involves putting your best foot forward. This means that you must make sure that quality is your top priority.
David Wyld17 days ago
Simple Works!
It ALWAYS amazes me! As a strategic management consultant and professor, I am constantly—and consistently—amazed at just how complicated companies make things today!
EmmaWilliams 17 days ago
5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest in SEO
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is big these days. More and more businesses are starting to see its value. The internet experience begins with a search engine. 97 percent of user experience begins wi...
Jennifer Parr18 days ago
5 Ways to Thrive in an Online Marketplace
You've chosen the perfect marketplace to sell your handmade creations. However, the traffic is lower than you expected, and the sales are non-existent. A common misconception with sellers is that join...
Selfcraft Media20 days ago
List of Most Efficient PPC Tools to Support and Ensure the Growth of Your Business
As the approaches of marketing and promoting a business has undergone changes, the digital world is ruling the industries and is directing towards online ways of marketing a business. With millions of...
Shy Lee21 days ago
How Will Automation in Payroll Solution Impact Businesses?
It's one quarter down in 2019 and most of the things have changed radically in the way Indian businesses operate, but the HR Department is an exception which still works the old way. A cloud-based HR ...
How to Get HVAC Leads in 2019
Gone are the days of relying on cold calls in order to make a sale. In today’s fast paced, digital world, the internet is aiding businesses in finding and capitalizing on leads. When it comes to getti...
Natalie Ige23 days ago
How SEO Consultants Can Help You Grow Your Business Faster?
The role of SEO has become inevitable in today’s era and it is being practiced more than ever before. This has changed the business scenario, and companies are now thriving to establish a good online ...
David Wylda month ago
Part 2: What It Takes to Stay Close to the Customer Today
In the first part of this article (Part 1: What It Takes to Stay Close to the Customer Today), we looked at the idea that you can—and must—stay close to your customer today. As we demonstrated, this i...
Kevin a month ago
Ways Tech Can Improve the Security of Your Business
Introduction Nowadays, there are news reports about more cybercriminal activities occurring at various businesses. Even many huge companies were hacked where millions of customers' accounts were compr...
Small Business—Big News
For the past few decades, having a small business has become very profitable—of course, if you are a hard worker, and if you know the rules under which a small business operates. In the US for e.g., c...
SKYLERIZED a month ago
Reason First: Is Robert F. Smith's Gift More Important Than How He Made the Money?
The benevolence of billionaires is a thing to behold. These ten to twelve figure plus bank account holders have more than is necessary to live multiple lifetimes. Their ability to donate, exchange, an...
David Wylda month ago
Part 1: What It Takes to Stay Close to the Customer Today
No doubt, Tom Peters has been the most influential author on my career as a strategic management consultant and professor. His breakout book was entitled In Search of Excellence. It was first publishe...
Aubrey Holta month ago
5 Mistakes Small Business Owners Make with Their Accounting
As a personal assistant for an accountant, I can't tell you how many times small business owners make these mistakes. It may seem like is the right move for their business at the time but in reality. ...