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David Wyld3 days ago
Part 2: What It Takes to Stay Close to the Customer Today
In the first part of this article (Part 1: What It Takes to Stay Close to the Customer Today), we looked at the idea that you can—and must—stay close to your customer today. As we demonstrated, this i...
Kevin 4 days ago
Ways Tech Can Improve the Security of Your Business
Introduction Nowadays, there are news reports about more cybercriminal activities occurring at various businesses. Even many huge companies were hacked where millions of customers' accounts were compr...
Small Business—Big News
For the past few decades, having a small business has become very profitable—of course, if you are a hard worker, and if you know the rules under which a small business operates. In the US for e.g., c...
SKYLERIZED 5 days ago
Reason First: Is Robert F. Smith's Gift More Important Than How He Made the Money?
The benevolence of billionaires is a thing to behold. These ten to twelve figure plus bank account holders have more than is necessary to live multiple lifetimes. Their ability to donate, exchange, an...
David Wyld5 days ago
Part 1: What It Takes to Stay Close to the Customer Today
No doubt, Tom Peters has been the most influential author on my career as a strategic management consultant and professor. His breakout book was entitled In Search of Excellence. It was first publishe...
Aubrey Holt5 days ago
5 Mistakes Small Business Owners Make with Their Accounting
As a personal assistant for an accountant, I can't tell you how many times small business owners make these mistakes. It may seem like is the right move for their business at the time but in reality. ...
Nina Simons7 days ago
10 Tips For a Good Leader
Becoming a manager doesn't automatically mean you are also a leader. A true leader is made over time, and it means gaining skills that you maybe don't have at first at all. For most people, it doesn't...
Mike Parsons7 days ago
Using Building Information Modelling: 6 Benefits for Your Construction Company
Our construction needs are becoming more elaborate every day. We are coming up with intricate designs for our homes and business spaces, and trying to incorporate smart home technology to the maximum,...
Kevin 9 days ago
Why IT Is So Important for Every Business
If you walk into any business or organization, you'll see some aspects of Information Technology (IT) that are very evident. You'll observe people using telephones (landline and cellphones), email, fa...
Kevin 9 days ago
Best Tech Software to Help Your Business
As a business owner, it's important to formulate a healthy perspective about software programs. While you may feel as if you have more control by doing things by hand, you'll soon find out that you're...
Jenn Melon11 days ago
Four Tips to Remember When Buying a Small Coffee Shop Business
If you are the type of person who wants to start their day with a strong cup of coffee, then it is probably a good idea to put your entrepreneurial mindset into action by opening your own coffee shop....
Jenn Melon11 days ago
A Look at the Real Benefits of Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Your Business
Microsoft is well-known for its technological innovations, and it has come up with its latest platform that can certainly help modern business in many different ways. The truth is, companies today hav...
Neil White11 days ago
How to Better Educate Your Team Through Team Building Activities
Every company strives to boost its workforce in order to achieve better results. For this to happen, many decide to try out various team building activities, because they are aware of how important it...
Kari Oakley12 days ago
6 Technologies That Enhance Business Communication
A business cannot work without proper communication. Communication enhances problem-solving of customer problems and other issues, meeting production deadlines, making timely orders, and more. Hence w...
Isaiah Goodman12 days ago
Becoming Noteworthy
As a business owner, it is thrilling and exciting to be off on your own! I can't even explain it fully, but when I opened up my own financial planning firm without anyone "over" me, there was actually...
Isla Wright12 days ago
How to Cut Costs of Your Company
So, being able to properly manage your expenses, and cut costs when necessary can be an integral asset to possess if you want to increase profits. Not only that, but, in certain situations and hard fi...
Isla Wright13 days ago
Starting a Cleaning Business: Six Benefits of Franchising
However, sometimes having too many options can be just as restricting as not having enough of them. The best example of how this works is the option of buying a franchise, which presents you with some...