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Joshua Evans2 years ago
The Way of the Scribe
All great writing is prophetic. Why? Because most readers don't know exactly what they're looking to read until it's already been written. The Scribe must be tuned into reality at such a scale that th...
Jude Goodwin2 years ago
What the Heck Is a Vector File?
One of the more confusing aspects of the computer world has always been the wide variety of file formats. You create the perfect document and half the people you send it to can’t open it. How frustrat...
Lee John2 years ago
The Story of Your Life
I’m about to expose the realities behind taking your dream of becoming an author and actually making it happen. First, the reality check...have you ever considered how much time and effort goes into writing a book? As an author of seven books I know how time consuming, brain-aching and testing it can be to develop your story line, weave twists and turns into your story to keep readers engaged so they want to keep turning pages, make your characters believable, likable, and lovable. That said, wh...
Lauren Marzolla3 years ago
'La La Land' is an Artist's Life
The ending of "La La Land", a recent film directed by Damien Chapelle, had some people crying out in angst. It seems a tragedy for Mia and Sebastian to go on living separate lives. She wove together a...
Stephen Hamilton3 years ago
The Success Behind 'Funko'
Funko LLC sells over $30 million worth of Pop action figures a year. Funko CEO Brian Mariotti believes that the company's success is largely due to its versatility. "Whether it's the X-men or Breaking...