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Whenever I show off my self-published book (either with a physical contributor's copy, or by showing a screenshot of the book on sale through Barnes and Noble), people will tell me how great the book ...
Elijah Taylor10 days ago
What happens when we stop and close our eyes? Do we see what is to come, what has already occurred, or what we hope to achieve? Do we achieve a higher sense of purpose? These are the most common quest...
Bianca Wargoa month ago
Artistic Concepts
I've always known that I've wanted to be an artist since I was young. I never really knew what kind of artist I wanted to be either–frankly, I still don't, but I've at least figured out how I can make...
Kyra N. Thompsona month ago
Typography Review
May 6th 2019 As of late, I’ve been interested in how implementing various typefaces help to create an efficient body of design work for restaurants. I'm also curious, as a designer, in how is it perce...
Claire Peters2 months ago
Everything You Need to Know About the Art Glass Market
Art glass artists use glass to make both decorative and functional pieces. Although there are specific types of art glass that have a lengthy history, such as stained glass, there are more contemporar...
Carlos Fox2 months ago
The Path to Becoming a Better Writer
Writing is something that many of us have to do every day, and that virtually all of us will have to do at some point. We write text messages to friends, emails to co-workers, and of course, the dread...
Jade Lastimosa2 months ago
Should Actors Get Tattoos
"Think twice before you get that tattoo!" I was told many times. I was also told that I would never get any casting if I had any tattoos. It was very discouraging hearing this from close friends or fe...
Naomie Moisan3 months ago
Living Off Your Art on the Road
So you're somewhere in your life where you've decided to change it all, that's awesome! but at the same time, we still need to have enough to live, so what do we do? Well, as a creator there are so ma...
Leigh Hooper3 months ago
Writer's Block
People always say: “If you don’t write everyday then you’ll never be a successful author,” and maybe they’re right. Maybe I’m not cut out to ever be a published author and maybe I should quit my dream...
Jason A3 months ago
The Many Talents of Artist M.K. Hughes
As young children, we are born with the wonderful gift of imagination. Over time, some children gravitate to interest in academic disciplines like math and science and later pursue any number of profe...
Shaking Bird3 months ago
Countdown from a Sprain
I'm in a race against time. I'm an artist, not selling much art. Perhaps, I thought it would sell itself—"if we build it, they will come"—but it's not working. I sell a piece here and there, and used ...
Caroline Pereira3 months ago
I Needed a Creative Outlet—and This Is Why You Need One Too
I have a morning routine: Catch the same train at the same time, sit in the same seat, drinking my coffee that I make for myself in the mornings, and listening to my music that drowns out the chatter ...
Rich Monetti3 months ago
Sculptor Christopher Green Sees the Potential in Each Piece of Stone
A glimpse into Christopher Green’s art studio might seem akin to stumbling through a rock quarry. “They are all just like boulders. You wouldn’t be able to see the differences,” says the Somers Sculpt...
Analyce Hennessey4 months ago
Painting Without a Purpose
This is why you should paint—regardless of skill, knowledge, or status.
Tiffany Harper5 months ago
How Proofreading Techniques Help to Improve Writing Skills
The act of proofreading is a delicate practice that demands focus, patience, and technique. As a writer, editor, or business professional, you should be able to master your communication. This involve...
Can an Artist Enjoy Web Development?
If you are reading this, my purpose of this article is for people like the 18-year-old me who felt lost, looking for a career in a creative field.
Queen Kall5 months ago
Lion Chat with Liztigress!
Welcome to my very first Lion Chat! My name is Kall, but the focus today is not me. It is on the artist, liztigress. Her real name is Elizabeth, and she can speak English, Spanish, and a little French...
Ross Geller5 months ago
5 Time Management Tips for Artists
Acknowledge the completion of your milestones. After a few weeks or a month, evaluate, honestly, how you’re managing time. Consider aspects of your work like delays, wrong time estimates, and improvem...