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Iggy Paulsen4 months ago
10 Signs You're Facing Job Burnout
I once saw a serious case of burnout in college pretty up-close. In fact, it was so up-close, I was the one who was experiencing it. Due to the toxic school environment I was in and the absurdly high ...
Know Your Worth at Work
Shitty people will always treat you like shit. There’s no two ways around it. We can give them excuse after excuse and often people won’t be able to see the woods for the trees (pardon the metaphor, h...
Leigh Fisher4 months ago
NaNoWriMo: The Story Thus Far
If you’re taking part in National Novel Writing Month, you’re either celebrating the halfway point or weeping over it. You might be doing both. You’re, hopefully, somewhere close to that terrifying 25...
Shaun Mukherjee4 months ago
Optimizing LinkedIn: Is the Question 'When?' or 'How?'
Being a computer science student, I can duly say that this is an NP-complete problem — there ISN’T any OPTIMAL time to use it, but there’s a way to verify it’s optimal usage! Think about it. Now peopl...
Alyssa Wilson4 months ago
How to Survive as the "Newbie" at Work
Starting a new job can be challenging, especially if it is an industry that you are just emerging yourself into. Here are some tips on how to survive the workplace politics and make a name for yoursel...
Stephanie Nixon4 months ago
My Top Tips for Selling at Arts and Crafts Fayres
Are you selling you artwork/handmade crafts/goods for the first time at an arts and crafts fayre, or local community event? Need some hints and tips on what to do on the day? Here are my top tips for ...
Yes, These Job Search/Interview Tips Still Apply
People wonder if certain job search / interview tips still apply. This post is here to tell you that yes, some things are still relevant, such as the following.
Chloe Schemanoff4 months ago
Surviving the Holidays Working in Retail
Surviving the holiday period whilst working in retail can be trying and demanding. It’s the busiest time of the year and while it can be rewarding it can also make you want to tear your hair out! It’s...
Erin Dempsey4 months ago
5 Tips to Help You Focus on Writing
Some of us are better at focusing on things. Whether it’s important life decisions or what to watch, they usually can get it done with minimal to no distractions. But everyone gets distracted once in ...
Nalda Parker4 months ago
Week One #NaNoWriMo2018
I started this year's NaNoWriMo with goal setting. This generally helps me to be successful at my goals. However—and I knew this going in—even with goal setting, it takes a great deal of commitment to...
Mark Armstrong4 months ago
5 Great Amazon FBA Tools for Sellers
If you want to be successful and competitive as an Amazon seller over the long term, you need the best tools at your disposal to find profitable products, facilitate the selling process, and optimize ...
Tracy Lawson4 months ago
10 Tips for an Interview
We all need help for an interview.
Janet Travis4 months ago
How to Be a Prolific Writer
Anyone can write a vast amount of content but will it be of quality and high-profit content that sells, builds your business, and boosts your authority? So how to be a prolific writer is the question ...
Lynne Rush5 months ago
Emotional Intelligence Makes You a Better, Happier Employee
He’s the guy everyone wants to be: he moves through the room with comfort and ease, can talk to anyone, and always leaves people feeling good after a conversation. He’s the co-worker who makes everyth...
Nalda Parker5 months ago
Life Beyond Stress
Life is stressful. I think that we can all agree with that. However, you may be surprised by the amount of stress the American population experiences as common, daily, and persistent. You may be conce...
Brittany D5 months ago
The Hero's Journey: ACT 2 & ACT 3
Here we are! ACT 2—now, act two could easily be called the meat of the story. It's where all the chaos, challenges and near death experiences happen. It's also where your protagonist or "Hero" experie...
Nalda Parker5 months ago
My NaNoWriMo Journey
As a therapist, I know the value of goal setting. However, as an individual, I am as lax as most people about setting my own goals. I have always found that when I commit to a goal, I obtain it. Now, ...
Cynthia Cline5 months ago
Why I Started a Side Business
A little background on my work life that was leading me towards depression and sparked my side business—Phoenix Aromas Etsy Shop. I am a regional manager for a veterinary company. I have been in the v...