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Acasia Tucker3 hours ago
So You Want to Be a Writer
I will admit right now that I am not the world’s leading expert on writing, far from it, however, there are some things I have come to learn. The following are three things I have picked up along the ...
The Benefits of Having Others Edit Your Work
When you’ve just completed a written work, you feel like a grand load comes off your shoulders. This is only natural since, in order to write well, you need to invest yourself in your work. However, a...
Gracie Evans3 days ago
How to Become a Professional Real Estate Asset Manager
If you’re interested in working in the residential or commercial property management field, you should know what real estate asset management is all about along with its description and educational and skills requirement. To start, keep reading the following guide.
Marcus Azaria3 days ago
Built Brick by Brick
Imagine this ... Fights in school, going hungry, coming up in a single mother upbringing, not having money for clothes, wearing your one sweater and sweatpants in the middle of June because it's your ...
Cato Conroy5 days ago
10 Smart Ways You Can Make More Money in Your Career
My partner and I were looking through our bills, our savings, and our investments yesterday. He had been yearning for some new equipment for his business, while I was desperately hoping we’d have enou...
Carlos Fox7 days ago
Getting on the Right Career Path
Most people will spend over 92,000 hours working during their lifetime. This accounts for more than one-third of the time people spend awake over the course of a 50-year career period. Considering how...
4 Reasons to Become a Court Reporter
If you have an interest in law and want a career involving it, you may think that becoming a lawyer is the only way to accomplish that. The reality, though, is that there are several law careers that ...
Frank Zaccari11 days ago
10 Steps to Build a High Performing Culture
Do you have a good product or idea and a good go to market strategy, yet your organization is barely surviving? You are not alone. It’s not your product or strategy that needs attention, it’s your cul...
Frank Zaccari14 days ago
Are You Willing to Change to Build a High Performing Culture?
Congratulations! You are having success. Things are starting to look positive. It is time to celebrate right? WRONG! If you have figured out some steps to success so has your competition. In many case...
Ashley Smith17 days ago
So You Think You Can Write?
By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you a journalist. Yes, you. Journalism is for the creative and willing mind. If you fall under this category, you're well on your way to success. Journalism ...
Samantha Durfee19 days ago
Quitting Your Job
Let me preface this story by telling you that my friend, Olivia, is an incredibly talented makeup artist. The other day we were talking, and Olivia told me she was grappling with quitting her full-tim...
Frank Zaccari19 days ago
What Picture Is Your Vision Painting?
Does your vision paint a picture that people can see and follow? Does your vision lead to action? How do you know? Do you know why your employees work for you or your customers do business with you? Most people will tell me it’s because of what they do and how they do it. Rarely do they tell me why? What you do and how you do it are not as important as why. Your why is your vision. Your way paints a picture and leads employees and customers to want to do business with you. Whenever I start worki...
Frank Zaccari20 days ago
What Are You Really Waiting For?
Are your results not what you expected or even hoped for? Have you made adjustments to your strategy, but things just aren’t working? Your results tell you something has to change soon, but what? I talk to so many people who are in this situation, yet they hesitate to act. Why? Are you waiting to see what the latest "expert" says is the best practice? Good luck with that. There is a new self-proclaimed expert every week. Are you waiting to see next month’s reports? If you don’t take any action, ...
Sally Wilde20 days ago
Astrology for Writers: February
Everybody talks about Mercury retrograde, but writers and other creatives experience it a little differently. Here are the big astrological trends to look out for this month for all horoscope signs—an...
Frank Zaccari21 days ago
Make a Damn Decision!
As someone who interacts directly with over 50 Angel and Private Investors, I am going to share some information with you. INC Magazine reported that one in five Americans would like to own a business. That is second only to home ownership, as part of the American dream. However, more times than not, this dream of owning a business becomes a nightmare. This is from Forbes magazine—50% to 60% of small businesses fail within three years. 80% fail with five years. 70% of SBA loan applications are r...
Tiffany Harper22 days ago
Why You Should Develop Your Practical Writing Skills
When you have an important email to write, do you try to get it done as quickly as possible without worrying much about grammar and punctuation? If this describes you, read on to find out why it’s so ...
Why You Need a Fireproof Document Safe in Your Office
Having a fireproof document safe in your office is a great way to protect your valuables and important documents. There are many reasons why having a fireproof safe is a great idea, and there are also...
Paulina Pachel24 days ago
The Distinction Between a Corporate Bee and a Robot
When it comes to making money, I’m inspired by regular, everyday people often driven by their lucrative side hustles. There is fuel being added to that fire. There is passion, understanding, and the s...