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Surviving Serving

Tips to Tip

It’s hard to live by the ultimate, and frustrating, motto “The customer is always right” when we god damn know better. Working in the serving industry I have had multiple moments when I think to myself, is prison really that bad? It’s nearly impossible to not knock a customer upside the head when they ask for the same thing, that they know is not possible, every time they come in, or when they hand you the bill and say “Keep the change.” Yes, thank you sir, I love getting two dimes and a nickel. Tipping is the most important thing to remember when you are out to eat, most servers are getting paid $3.15 an hour or less, to listen to you cry about your boyfriend or girlfriend leaving you, so leave a few dollars for god sake. Throughout my short time as a server I have encountered the very overused punchline of, “Well maybe if they did a better job they’d make more money,” to which I would like to respond, “Maybe if I got paid more I’d do a better job.” I’m not saying it’s everyone else’s fault when they don’t get the service they deserve, but I do see too many servers try so hard to only ultimately get a dollar as a tip, which you bet your cheap butt they savored that dollar. Contrary to many people's beliefs, a server is aware of the fact that sometimes the tip is a reflection of the type of service we gave, and do feel bad when a person did not receive the service they deserved. Many people do need to understand however that if your food is messed up or wrong, the server is not the cook and can only do so much. A server will do everything they can to make sure you have the best experience you can get from the moment you walk in that door, they will even laugh at your insults, or misguided political views, but don’t you worry, you will be paying for it in the end, hopefully. Most people that are working as a server aren’t doing it because they want to, or because it pays well, as you now know, they are doing it because it’s something they enjoy. Choosing to be a server is something that should highly reflect the patience of a person. Also I would like to state YOUR SERVER IS NOT FLIRTING WITH YOU, THAT IS THERE JOB, but if you tip good, it may be in your favor. And folks let’s talk about your credit card tips, I’m not being ungrateful when I say, don’t do it, I’m just saying maybe leave it in physical money form. For those of you who don’t know, when you leave a credit card tip, that extra money you left is claimed and taken off of our checks at the end of the pay period. So as grateful as we are sometimes we dread knowing someone is paying with a card A little server secret NEVER CLAIM THE EXACT AMOUNT YOU MADE IN TIPS, don’t tell your boss I said that. If you come out to eat and don’t tip, just know a few things:

  1. I have already told all the other servers about you and your tipping habits for the next time you come in,
  2. I am contemplating jail time, and
  3. You bet you bill I am going to give you the best service of your life from now on every time you come in.

So please ladies and gentleman, tip your server. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

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Surviving Serving
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