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Stores and Their Secrets

What do stores do to make you buy stuff?

Mall in Istanbul

Have you ever gone shopping, walked into the store, and felt like you had to buy something because you walked into it? Well, I have and I tend to spend most of the money when there is a sale. However, some of these sales are tricks.

For example, Bath and Body Works is one of my favorite stores to buy stuff in because everything smells amazing and you just want to buy the whole store. Guess what? They know that. Notice how the Bath and Body Works sales are usually ridiculous such as "buy four things and get the fifth one free." In the end, it really is not worth your money. Or they also have the sale that buys one for 10 and two for 20. Do the math my friends, you are not gaining a sale.

Sales. Sales. Sales. A lot of people in the stores work on commission, so the more they talk to you, the more money they are getting, which is not the worst part. The worst is when you try something on for yourself, but you determine it is not for you. Then, the salesperson will convince you to buy it. Then you will end up like Joey's living room where it looks tacky as hell and then you have the item of clothing that you will never wear because of that salesperson.

"It looked so good in the store though." Have you ever said this to yourself? I have! Plenty of times! And that is because in the store the change rooms are often dark and have bad lighting. This works because you can't see every little aspect of the clothing you are trying on. Then when you go home and try it on. It looks... bad. Then you have to go back to the store to return it, but they only take store credit so you have to buy something else to make it worthwhile.

Gigantic Sales Sign: We have all seen these. The sale sign says 75 percent off and when you step closer it might say on the second item if first is purchased. The sign had already pulled you into the store, so you figure you might as well buy something.

The essential items are at the back of the store. Even though you want that one thing, they will place it at the back so then you have to walk through the whole store to find it. Sometimes by the time you get to the back, you forgot what you came in for. Or you see that cute skirt and now you must have it.

Fun Music: Notice how you walk in and there's always something upbeat playing? That's because they want you to have fun while shopping and you forget about your worries and next thing you know you have a full shopping cart.

The sizes are different. Nope. They are not. In Old Navy, the size might be a 36, then when you go to a different store they might be in a size 42, but they will fit you exactly the same. When you try on a size that you think is too small and then it fits it makes you feel good about yourself.

"Limited time offer" or "only today" are the techniques that Old Navy uses, but guess what within a week or a month they will have the exact same advertisement. So you buy the jeans twice and you buy five shirts that had the same deal because you thought this deal comes only once, but it came five times in the past month.

Eye-Level: They put the high priced items at eye-level, so when you shop you have found what you were looking for, and then you do not bother looking at the markdowns or sale items and you leave the store with a $50 item rather than a $5 item.

Cashiers: When you are standing in line look around you. You see so many products on the way out as you did when you came in. That's because if the line is taking so long, then you get distracted by looking at the other items they have and then you picked up five more things while waiting.

Hopefully, this was helpful and you can remember to make better money-saving decisions.

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Stores and Their Secrets
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