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Standardized Testing

A Failing Factor For Students

I Just Sued The School System!

"I Just Sued The School System" in many ways has emphasized the overall core issue in the U.S. Education System. The one size fits all, cookie cutter issue. It has also explained a major issue within standardized testing.

EDUCATION REIMAGINED: Changes Required in The U.S. Education System From Students Perspectives

The U.S. Education System is a false prophecy that people have a perception of, but the truth is not what it seems. In other words, a lot of people have this false belief of how great the U.S. education system is. However, the biggest issue that impacts all students is standardized testing. Standardized testing is an ongoing problem that is voiced but no one is doing anything to put an end to it. 

Standardized testing devalues the intellect of students. In no way does it show how much a student really knows about a subject matter. They are required to go study at home and come back in school to take a test with close ended answers that students do not have control over. Just as we hear in the video, the system tells us what to think. Therefore, we can see that we are in a structural system that is there to only tells how to think, what to think, and what we should know. And as for the future, we are not even prepared for the job world. 

After doing all these tests in the school system, what has any of it proved? In reality, the education system is supposed to prepare us for the real world. It is supposed to prepare us for a career. But in no way does our transcript show what we actually know. And to think we have to show these transcripts to our employer if they ask for it. If not that, our GPA is in our resume after we get out of college. If we don't have a 3.0 or higher GPA, we don't put our GPA on our transcript. So there's already these presumptions about who we are or what we really know by the person that's taking our interview. But luckily, a lot of employers don't even look at GPA these days but rather see what we really know and our experience, to determine if we are going to get this job, aside from their other requirements. 

We are in a failing education system where standardized testing has been a core factor to determine our final grade in school. However, that grade does not show how much we really know or who we are, to employers and higher ed admissions when we go to further our studies. What we have learned in class also does not reflect the grade we receive. There are too many contributing factors to make students not reach their full potential. Their full potential is an A+. But they can't show that in the "real world", the job market. The only way to show that would be through The Portfolio Education System, if it's implemented correctly.      

*The portfolio education system is a form of learning that is a topic on it's own and will be covered in next week's blog.  

Blogs are posted every Sunday as of July 23, 2017. The blogs are based off my book, EDUCATION REIMAGINED: Changes Required in The U.S. Education System From Students' Perspectives

Order The Book Now: 

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Maruf Hossain
Maruf Hossain

I am an Author, Writer/blogger, aspiring Developmental and Child Psychologist, Education advocate, & Entrepreneur. Get my book at

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Standardized Testing
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