Staff Picks

Leigh Fisher5 days ago
5 Interview Blunders to Avoid
Experience is often one of the best ways to learn what to do and what not to do in an interview. We learn from our mistakes. However, here’s a few mistakes you can avoid making by learning from my hil...
Creative: Stop Procrastinating
Maybe it's vanity, pride, or an issue of self-confidence, but as a creative sometimes the hardest thing is to actually create. Maybe you are bursting with ideas big and small. There are kernels of ide...
David Wyld22 days ago
Making a Big Change
Perhaps the boldest move that a company can ever take is to try and rebrand itself. Marketing geniuses and advertising agencies, often armed with long PowerPoint presentations and seeming irrefutable ...
Dan McGinnisa month ago
Branding Your Business on Facebook – Proper Page Creation
Facebook is still an incredible place to market your business, your brand, your event... really anything. Successful online promotion requires a bit more than just creating a post and hoping for the b...
briana kyomia month ago
7 Things I Learned While Working in Retail
"Hey, you, let me speak to every manager!"
Rhonda Taylor2 months ago
10 Tips for Negotiating Salary
One of the stickiest parts of any interview with a potential employer is when the time comes to talk numbers. Maybe the salary discussion begins at the first interview, maybe it happens at the second,...
Peter Ellis2 months ago
Life as a Movie Extra
Even though I've bored a lot of my friends to death with this subject, there are still people in the world that do not know I'm an occasional film extra. It's unusual, especially in a quiet, stuck-in-...
Melissa Abraham2 months ago
Changing Careers
I was never the type to have a five-year plan or clearly defined goals when it came to my career. I had one goal growing up which was to go to University, actively encouraged to do so by my parents al...
Yannick Taylor3 months ago
Let Your Voice Shine in Podcasting
Before a career in podcasting, I started off as a vlogger and blogger. I worked tirelessly and diligently as I would make videos and write entries to captivate one's attention. Vlogging and blogging d...