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Signs Your Company Couldn't Care Less About You

Wondering if it's time to quit? If you notice signs your company couldn't care less about you, it might be time to end your term there.

If there's one thing that tends to hurt most workers in America, it's the way companies tend to treat their top talent. While you can be the most thorough, hard-working person on the planet, that doesn't always mean you'll be treated well by the company that hires you. 

To a point, this is just the way things are and always were. Companies aren't there to care for people, they are there to make money. However, a good company will be one that does care about employee morale and health. 

A company that shows zero interest in its company employees is a company that will end up grinding you into the ground. That's why experts say that if you notice signs your company couldn't care less about you, it may be time to leave. 

If you aren't totally sure whether your company cares about you enough to keep you, watch for these warning signs below...

The company has made it clear that a raise, or even a living wage, is out of the question.

The most recognizable of all signs that your company couldn't care less about you is the living standard they give you. If they are paying you minimum wage or far below industry standard for the work that you're doing, they don't care about you at all.

The problem with this is that you can't give your all to a company that doesn't see you as a human being. They see you as replaceable, so why work your butt off for a group that clearly doesn't care that they're literally barely keeping you above water? 

Your benefits are slashed regularly, or are nonexistent.

Company perks matter! A good work life, or at least, knowing you won't have to pay for your family's insurance in full, can make or break your experience at a job. One of the most commonly cited signs your company couldn't care less about you is when they start slashing job benefits. 

In a nutshell, benefits are what show that your company wants to keep you around. Don't mistake "benefits" for real benefits like health insurance or PTO, either. If your company tries to pass off "free coffee" as a high-end benefit, they do not care about you at all. 

Management never informs you about changes.

Out of all the signs your company couldn't care less about you, this is the biggest slap in the face. When a company makes changes and refuses to tell you until after they are implemented, it's a sign that they really don't think highly of you. 

When they refuse to tell you about changes, or worse, refuse to hear out concerns you have when it comes to the work you do, it's a red flag. When this happens, it tends to signal that company higher-ups do not care enough about the concerns of people "in the trenches" to address those problems. 

Even if it's something as minor as refusing to respect your time off, this should be treated as a huge red flag. You have a right to know when your schedule changes, and you have a right to time off when you need it. 

This kind of behavior is also one of the signs that your workplace is toxic. You might want to start your job search now, if this is the case. 

You repeatedly get passed up for a promotion you've earned.

Promotions are a great way to know that your company views you as an asset. If you find yourself regularly getting passed up for promotions that your company earlier promised to you, top career experts will tell you that you probably shouldn't stay there. 

While regularly getting passed up in favor of other coworkers is bad enough, the worst sign that it may be time to quit happens when they choose outside talent over you. Much like being purposefully kept out of the loop, this is one of the signs your company couldn't care less about you. 

If they cared about you, they'd promote you and offer new responsibilities. There's no excuse for overlooking you for roles you deserve to have. 

Your boss has insulted you, humiliated you, or otherwise made a point to undermine you.

You are a person, not a punching bag. If your boss, coworkers, or higher-ups treat you like less of a person, you're witnessing one of the signs your company couldn't care less about you in action. 

Respect doesn't cost anything to give, but it can make a world of difference in how you feel working for a company. If the people you're surrounded by won't even give you basic common courtesy, you have to ask yourself what's keeping you there. 

Believe it or not, staying in a workplace that has such a vile environment can affect your overall health and wellbeing. It's really not good for you, and in certain cases, can even be a sign your boss wants you to quit.

At times, working in a company that clearly doesn't care about you enough to show basic respect can be a lot like an abusive relationship. You might not realize it now, but this could be an indicator that it's time to leave—if only to preserve yourself.

Any time that you try to suggest something, it's stonewalled—or someone else takes credit for it.

Your ability to voice your concerns is a huge asset to companies. If you, as a worker, cannot do that, then you have to ask what your company really wants. Do they want you to contribute, or are you just another cog in the wheel? 

If you find that any opinion you have is immediately dismissed, your company does NOT care about you and is NOT using you to your full potential. Sadly, there's not much you can do with this issue aside from leaving. 

You can't remember a time when you were given recognition or support for your work.

Make no mistake about it—recognition and support are huge when it comes to your morale. Much like with respect and the need to hear others out, this is an action that is more about helping you remain emotionally fulfilled and engaged at your job than anything else. 

If you can't remember the time you've received either, you're facing signs your company couldn't care less about you. If they cared, they'd at least congratulate you on a job well done. 

Management treats you like cattle.

A good way to tell whether or not your company cares is to see how management acts around employees. If they regularly talk about you as "employees" in front of you or regularly refuse eye contact with you, you  probably don't mean much to them. 

One of the key signs your company couldn't care less about you is the way they treat you. If they act like you are lower than them or make a point to act like you're not worthy of their attention, then they're telling you what they think about you. 

Some have pointed out that one of the signs your company is going under is the "them versus us" vibe starting to take root in a company. A healthy company has management who treats others like people. If you're being treated more like pigs being led to a slaughterhouse, well, you know where you stand. 

There's an overall atmosphere of fear, tension, angst, and sadness in the office.

Ambiance is one of the most telling signs of a company's culture. In a toxic culture, employees are bound more by rules than they are by the feeling of teaming up together. The thing is, rules can only go so far when it comes to morale. In fact, if it's a "100 percent by the books" place, it's very likely you'll notice that everyone feels anxious at work. 

Do you find yourself struggling with toxic vibes from coworkers? If so, you might be seeing one of the signs your company couldn't care less about you. A caring company will be much more likely to focus on the human elements of life—and will therefore make a workplace that feels more welcoming. 

They've done things that harmed you or your ability to work, then told you to "deal with it."

Without a doubt, one of the clearest signs your company couldn't care less about you occurs when they do something that upsets your ability to work efficiently or make ends meet. If you bring it up to them, and they tell you to "just deal with it" or "find somewhere else to work," you already know how much they care. 

Sadly, if they say this, you're better off just submitting resumes elsewhere. If you hear this, the workplace you're in is toxic and won't be fixed any time soon. 

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Signs Your Company Couldn't Care Less About You
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