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Reinvent to Prevent

Here's just a little bit of motivation from a 40-year-old succeeding in a power punch of reinvention of herself and her place in this world!

When life throws you lemons, make orange juice and have them wondering how you did it.

Ok, so when we become adults, we decide that we have it all together, right? We get a job that we intend to be a career and then countless jobs later we find ourselves 40 years old and starting back at square one. I mean who really has time for that especially in a society that is so quick to move on to the next thing? My next thing was supposed to be spending my last 20 years at that life long satisfying career with a 401K that I worked my tail off for. Then... reality hits. After having to cash my last three 401K's out after each job loss for things such as bills, vehicle, college tuition, living expenses while finding a job, and wait did I mention bills? This journey is real and it is raw. I didn't know what I planned to do from there; however, I can tell you one thing I have decided, it will be more helpful to my family and more successful than what I have done the past 20 years. So I have decided to become a licensed independent supplemental insurance agent. I took the state exam and became licensed.

For those who know my past, you can imagine the accomplishment I feel with this license in hand. Success does happen regardless of what you have been through. I have always been a key believer in that. The company for which I will produce for is not an advertised or well-known company; however, I know personally of others that it has helped tremendously in their families time of need. I know personally what it was like to go through a catastrophic time and what this company could have been for me if I had been a policy holder at that time. I know personally how this company has allowed others transform into successful, confident leaders. I know that my passion behind helping people and being a servant leader to my children, my friends and peers, and my family is so strong some days I want to burst into little rays of light and shine upon them all. In my other jobs I have never actually been given that utmost opportunity to be there for them as I know I should have been. I have committed tons of time to corporations that I still felt at the end of the day my family was not important to their vision. I was not important to them. Dead end promises with blocked promotion for many reasons even when you exceed and stomp over those reasons in production and experience. In reality, worthiness comes from having a work life balance that would promote positivity in your staff. If you do not have empathy or even a bit of care of what your staff can contribute, given the opportunity, how can you expect to grow as a team or as a company? You can talk about culture and post words all over about how you are the next chosen choice of employer or what your company culture is about, but those mission statements and goals are nothing unless there is true action behind it. Action for all people, action for all employees, not just the ones you feel fit the mold of the team you want. True leaders can take someone if coachable and fit them to their mold. I apologize to all my former employers that you did not take the opportunity in finishing this mold I call myself. The knowledge I found throughout my terms will now help me be accountable to myself and my schedule. I am now acknowledged as a producer in every aspect of protecting families. That is all on me.

You know I have had tons of no's since I started doing demos of what our policies could do in protecting a family's future and assets; but I fully believe that it is preparing me to have the knowledge I need to help that one family who never thought they needed our type of policy. I want to sit down with each young college kid, each family with young kids, single adult and everyone in between and help them see their need in being protected. I want to sit down with small business owners all the way up to big CEOs and help them see they should allow their employees to have a choice in investing in their future through our policies. I want that 100% ratio of conversion of policies sold. Not because of the financial aspect of it, but because I want to know that I did all I could for them.

This career is not easy. I have never wanted easy. This career will be about listening, building relationships, and being able to guide someone in protecting their future. This career will be about reinventing everything I knew of myself before today. Or... is it? I mean could I have had this in me the entire time and just been so conditioned to what life and a career should have been. Who is to say? I guarantee soon everyone will be wondering just how I did it. My answer to them is... one foot in front of the other.

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Reinvent to Prevent
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