To fullfill

Would you do it?

About two months ago a friend of mine (who was also my roommate) told me he would be moving out by mid April. He was going to move back into his mom's place to save up for a while and then he would backpack across the U.S.

After that he would make his way to California where he would get a job in the marijuana industry as a bud trimmer. After that he'd eventually make his way out of the country to the Ivory Coast, in South Africa. All of this makes my friend unlike most others. He has decided to live his life. Cannabis is his passion, and he is going to do what so many fear to do: step outside the routine day-to-day trap and find something greater. My friend has decided to leave behind what he knows to realize his dream. That makes him spectacular.

As these two months have passed I've come across opportunities, as I too have ambitions. My friend has inspired me. If I want to succeed, I'll need to surround myself with others who wish to as well. I play guitar and sing in a band from Kent, Ohio, called CATTLE. There's a chance we might play Warped Tour 2017 at Blossom and around Halloween we'll be playing to thousands at the old Mansfield Prison turned haunted house/Halloween attraction.

Cattle @ The Outpost

That's me, Andy. This is what I love and I know I can live on it, just like my friend is going to do what he loves.


There's Rodney, CATTLE's drummer, shaking the entire building's foundation.



Shane, making the ladies quiver.

My friend has been able to discern the point in his earthly life when he must let even the things he loves go so he may be successful and be truly happy with what he's doing. Right now he may be with his family and friends but he works tedious, mind numbing factory jobs. The time has come for change. I've been watching for that point, I know what I want, but to get there I may have to leave things behind.

The point of all of this is a human is responsible for his or her own well being. We create our own suffering and we find our own happiness. We also have a fear of change even if we're throwing out a life of mediocrity. Not knowing what might come of the risk is too much and some will set aside any dreams as long as they can afford their tiny apartment, their bills, and enough food. But that's misery, not life. Do not surrender to a minimal experience. Have fun with a purpose.

Cattle - No Matter

Cattle recorded "No Matter" as a single in October 2016.