Pros & Cons of Working from Home

From a Single Mom's Perspective

Since I was 17-years-old. I have had every kind of job you can think of. I like to dip my toes. What can I say? I now work strictly from home, with two jobs under employers while I write as well. When people hear you work from home, they get a little green, especially at the thought of changing from pajamas to sweats. (Or just staying in pjs.) Everyone's situation is different and, therefore, sometimes remote work is the best option. I am a single mother of twins, so being able to keep an eye on the home and kids is of top priority. Before you make the decision to work from home, here are some pros and cons to consider.


One of the first and most obvious reasons to work from home is the financial benefit. You're saving money on commuting, work clothes, childcare, and food. You'll no longer add as many miles to your car. I don't fill my gas tank as much or pay tolls. You can work in your day-to-day clothing or stay comfy in lounge wear. You'll be sending your children to day care for six hours rather than ten (depending on age and needs) and be able to be home when they get off the bus from school. Doing weekly groceries is absolutely more cost efficient than eating out. When you cut down on that many expenses, it's impossible to not be drawn to the potential wiggle room in your bank account. **Vegas...**


Most times, you will be able to dictate when and where you work. Most employers will just require you to work a certain amount of hours in a day/week, but when you actually do, it would be at your discretion. This is great for the, "I'm not a morning person" people, or for individuals like myself who find that if something can go wrong, it will. I constantly have something that just pops up that needs my attention. Thankfully, my work is no longer affected by it. Having flexibility also provides more family time—no more calling out to see your son's show at school. You can actually be part of all your family's special moments without worry.

Time Management Queen

We all wear many hats, but now that you're home you have to wear them all at the same time. While at work, all you have to do is work, but when work is at home, the dishes in the sink start to bother your peripheral view. You start to move your laptop onto the kitchen counter to start dinner, and how will you say no to "watching" a movie with the kids? You'll find a routine and be so impressed with how much you can get done when you HAVE to.

Workaholic or Slacker?

One of two things seem to happen. Either you work way too much since you never actually "leave the office," or you don't work enough because, well, you never "go to the office." You have to find a happy medium and it is very easy to fall into either one of these categories. When there isn't someone hovering over you, becoming lax or taking care of personal things sneak in much easier than you think and you'll see the effects of that in your bank account mostly. While over-working will make your bank account reflect nirvana, too much of anything is not good for anyone. It can bring on unnecessary stress and less time for a personal life. We don't live to work. We work to live.

Social Skills... Where?

Since you no longer have to leave your house for work, you find all sorts of ways to take care of errands—groceries delivered to the house, no more Target runs for other household necessities. Three months in, you realize you haven't had an actual conversation with another adult in over a month, haven't worn mascara in two weeks, and you haven't changed out of that comfy Nike sweat suit in three days. Yes, while alone you can get so much done, but when you only deal with you, dealing with others becomes difficult, and you don't realize it until you burp out loud and reach for a high five to the cute guy behind you on the Starbucks line.

So, before you bunch up your work, personal, and home life under one roof, go over your priorities and what gives you the feeling of fulfillment at work as well as at home. Balance is everything.

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