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Promote Your Etsy Shop on Facebook the Right Way!

5 targeted followers are better than 100 "follow for follow" followers! Here's how to get them!

Start Using Facebook The Right Way For Your Business!!

Ok, if I see one more "genuine" follow for follow post on facebook I think my head might explode.


Yes, everyone knows facebook is a fantastic tool for promoting your etsy shop. Actually it is great for promoting almost anything. It can bring you a good chunk of traffic, if you are using it right!! Please, please, please stop it with the like for like posts, they are killing your shop!!!

Stop begging other etsy sellers to blindly "like" your shop or items. These people are all in the same boat as you. Wishing they could buy all the stuff they have favorited but they just can't make the sale, so they can not afford to make those purchases. This is not a productive use of your time. It is a really great way to waste your precious and valuable time, on people who will NEVER buy!

Start seeking out those etsy BUYERS instead. Get to know your market buy taking a look at your facebook page insights. It breaks everything down for you, so there will be no problem figuring it out! Also join groups that are relevant to your shop or items. Search relevant hashtags on facebook to find new people to connect with and new groups to join!!

I sell sea glass art so I have joined about 20 sea glass lovers groups on facebook. In most of those groups you can't promote your product directly, BUT you can post things to your facebook page and share them to other groups from there. I share my blog post to my facebook page, then I share from my page to groups. This way people are being brought back to my facebook page. There they can see all of my shared items, photos and links to my etsy product listings! They will also find a link to my etsy shop!!

Join lots of etsy promo groups on facebook. Keep your eyes out for the ISO (In Search Of) posts. Only post your links if they are relevant to the post. Trust me, you will find lots of great groups. Some will not allow you to post links, but they offer loads of free help and info to help you along your way!!

Another important part of this networking is to be active. Start conversations, post genuine comments that are at least 10 words long! post information with some worth. People will like your posts in the groups and they will eventually pop over to your facebook group or page. This is how you find the genuine likes you are looking for!
Don't forget to add a few hashtags to your posts as well, not too many though. They say that a good number of hashtags per post is 3.  So be sure not to over do it!  This will help you get found through search on facebook the same way you do on etsy, pinterest or instagram!!

If you are looking for followers for your facebook page or group, give people a way to find your page and give them a reason to want to come to your page!! Don't just post your shop item links everyday. Find fun memes that surround your niche, or just make you smile and share them on your page or group!! 

I sell sea glass art and I share beach memes, pictures of rare sea glass etc. Not just my product links. Post at least 3 times a week. You want people to start to recognize your profile picture when they are scrolling through their news feed and get excited to see what you are posting today!!

Don't miss out on the many new friends you can make for you and your business!!

Here Is A Link To My Facebook Business Page, So You Can Get An Idea!!!!

Start using facebook the right way, for your business!!

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Promote Your Etsy Shop on Facebook the Right Way!
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