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Promote Your Business the Old Fashioned Way with Custom Banners


It seems that people have forgotten that traditional marketing exists. In this day and age, everybody is investing in digital marketing, in the latest, best SEO, working hard on getting their social media platforms perfect… Essentially, having real-world marketing efforts fall to the wayside. Now, we're not saying these methods of marketing are not being used today. What we are saying is that people have forgotten about their potential. For this reason, suggest you promote your business with one method that really isn’t as utilized as it could be—customer banners.

Now, custom banners are a great way to attract attention. A large piece of cloth or nylon, with your company logo and name printed on it, will surely get some looks. And they are great for generating brand awareness in general. Read on to learn more about just how useful banners can be.

They reinforce your brand.

A big part of any marketing effort is reinforcing brand awareness—letting people know you exist, have them think of you when they think of a certain brand, item, or service first. So a big part of that is to reinforce that feeling. Banners are just the item you need for that.

By having banners set up around town, you can reinforce your existence, customers will see your banners, and they will remember your name. Your company name will stay in their subconscious for some time. But, this does not just centre about your customers. You want suppliers and business partners to know who you are as well. Having your banners strewn around trade shows and seminars can work wonders, and can help you meet the right people.

And of course, the general curiosity you pique with your banners can be enough to get you the customer that can do wonders for your business. It’s a numbers game, and you want to increase your chances through everything you do.

Banners are not as expensive and complicated as you think.

Most traditional, IRL marketing methods really are expensive. Finding a nice time slot for a commercial, or a useful place in the paper can cost you a pretty penny. However, banners are not so bad. They draw the right attention to your business, without getting you into trouble as far as your finances are concerned.

What also makes them useful is just their simplicity. You need your name, logo, trademark, and maybe a slogan on it, and you're done. A maximum of 40 words on a large piece of fabric, and you're golden. So, just send this info to a good company, and you're golden.

Their simplicity also carries with it the great benefit of knowing you can get a good banner at the last minute. If you're in a bind, if somebody made a mistake, or if you're in a “strike while the iron is hot” situation, you know you can get one very fast. Modern digital technology prints these out quickly, in a manner of minutes. And the best part is, you won't have to worry about a low-quality resolution.

Another great benefit of just how cheap they are is that if you make it big, you get some extra money in your account, buy more banners, and post them even more around town. And if one gets damaged beyond repair, you can easily buy a new one.

You can use them more than once.

As we've mentioned, these are easy to print and to set up. They are also quite durable as well. So if you’re really happy with some of the high-quality custom banners and signs you got, you can always reuse them. Rather than paying for these, again and again, you can just take them off one event, and use them for another.

Of course, weather conditions, wear and tear, and just general age will, in the end, leave them falling apart, but you know you can without a doubt use them more than once. So in a way, for a one-time investment, you get multiple uses and marketing influence. An added bonus is that these are portable and lightweight, so you can transport them quite easily.

They are effective.

Banners are surprisingly effective, for good reason. If set up properly, they can be everywhere, at points of interest and high-traffic areas in your city. Massive billboards, long lines, bus stop ads, these all pull a consumer’s eye towards them. Banners give you a similar effect, just for a smaller price (and admittedly, a lesser impact compared to a billboard). However, they are a very cost effective tool to get your name and brand out there.


Custom banners are one of the old school methods of marketing that have sadly fallen to the wayside. Not nearly as popular as they were before, banners are an excellent way to advertise. These are inexpensive and easy to make. They really help build brand awareness, and if you have some extra funds, you can invest in more, and get them all over town. Proper banners can get you extra customers and extra business partners, so try to get them set up as soon as possible.

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Promote Your Business the Old Fashioned Way with Custom Banners
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