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Profile Articles: What Are They and How Can I Have My Own?

All You Need to Know About Shining a Spotlight on Yourself!

What is a profile article? Simply put, a profile article is almost like your résumé with an added background that helps tell your story, who you are, and what you do to the world. Profile articles are beneficial to anyone—use yours as a way to communicate who you are to future employers or business partners by sharing your link in any social media profiles, use it as a way to promote your business/side hustle, or promote yourself in any way you would like!

Interested in having a profile article written about you? EASY! Contact me through my public Facebook page here.

Simply like and share my page, then send me a message with the questions found below answered and include any other information you would like including in the article. Make sure to also attach pictures (and provide captions with them) and links to any YouTube videos or social media posts (if applicable). Also, include any and all of your social media handles. No one will be turned away, no matter what you want your profile article to be about!

You can even have a profile article written about an organization you run or are apart of! Whether it be a nonprofit organization, fraternity, sorority, school club, you can have a profile article written about it to help share your mission, your goals, and to raise awareness about an organization that is important to you. Use it to advertise your philanthropy, an event you will be holding, or to simply share the message behind your organization and what it has done for you or your community. 

This is a smart way to attract attention to yourself and tell your story. Profile articles can be used for professional means or simply just to tell the world what you have to say. You can have more than one profile article written about you (as long as the subject matter is different each time). The cost per profile article written after the initial article (including any updated articles you request) would be $5 via Venmo or PayPal, details to be discussed through personal communication.

Profile articles allow for others to share a part of themselves and their lives while giving me the opportunity to use my love for writing in a way that benefits others. 

Questions to Answer

  • Provide all basic information: full name, where you are from, date of birth (only share what you are comfortable with people knowing; if you only want people to know your state or month and day of birth, only include those)
  • Subject of your article: (examples) Detailed breakdown of things on your resume, what your blog is about, your side hustle/business (if you sell products for a company, etc), about your music/photography/art/ make up skills... the possibilities are endless.
  • Your background story: any information about yourself/ your life which is relevant to the subject of your article
  • Why do you do what you do?
  • What drew you to do this?
  • What inspires/motivates you?
  • Obstacles/road bumps you've encountered? How did this help or hurt you?
  • Any other information you wish to have mentioned, include at the bottom!

Any questions you have, do not hesitate to reach out and ask!

An example profile article could be something like this:

Anne is a 21-year-old college student current studying at SHU and hopes to become a child psychologist. She has spent the past few years working as a nanny for different families, and has experiences with newborns. However, in her free time, Anne loves to write.

Anne has always been a strong writer, and only recently decided to use her passion and gift for writing publicly. Since then, she has written over fifteen articles—some are reviews of products she likes, some are centered around her thoughts, and others tell stories about difficult times in her life.

To contact Anne or keep up with her endeavors, you can find her on social media! Find her on Instagram (@annereboa) or on Facebook (@annereboamodel). 

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Profile Articles: What Are They and How Can I Have My Own?
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