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Productivity and Cooking Eggs

Like eggs, productivity also has variety. Most likely. Okay, I may need to go deeper than that to really prove to you that productivity is as simple as cooking eggs. Here goes.

There are many different ways to cook an egg. There's the classic scrambled, the simple boiled, and the daring fried variety. There's also poached which I tried for the first time just last week. They are basically fried eggs just less crispy on the outside. Fried reigns supreme once again. Like eggs, productivity also has variety. Most likely. Okay, I may need to go deeper than that to really prove to you that productivity is as simple as cooking eggs. Here goes.

Productivity is only as effective as the work put into it. Without the right ingredients, such as a quiet space to work, and time, you won't get a darn thing done! Likewise, eggs need time to back and a really warm pan to figuratively chill in. And pro-tip, adding water to eggs makes them way fluffier. For productivity, drinking water (and eating a balanced diet) gives your brain the nutrients it needs to be at peak performance.

As the past has revealed time and time again, an egg left in the heat of the pan for too long will be burnt, and a cooked yolk (unless that's your thing, then honestly, I can't relate). Working yourself for too long will send your productivity down the drain. Along with those tainted eggs.

You can whisk a newly cracked couple of eggs all day long, but unless you commit to pouring them in that skillet, you'll never have the scrumptious breakfast you really want. Doing unimportant tasks day in and day out that do not contribute to your end goal will never bring you closer to it. No amount of stirring and repetition can cook those eggs, or write that book, or start that business, or make that film! You've got to do the work you know needs to be done, and get to it.

There's nothing you can do to an egg that you can't do to your productivity. You can burn an egg, you can burn out on productivity, you can undercook an egg, or never cook it at all, and you can slack on being productive.

Now you may be saying, “J.B., you’re just making a goofy metaphor, what’s the point of all this? Is this really all you do with your time? God help you.” To that, I say, Aha! This metaphor, as reaching as it may be, is one of the most important comparisons one could make! If you can cook an egg, you can accomplish anything! Even if you can’t cook an egg to save your life, as long as you try, you’ll be well on your way. The most important thing about eggs and productivity is that they are totally unique to the chef and goal-setter. Some people use water in their eggs, while others use milk, and other others use no liquids at all. Some take eggs loaded with veggies, meats or both, some like it with cheese. The variations are never ending. Your eggs should be cooked the way that you like them with the additions that you enjoy. If someone told you that drinking green tea helped them to be productive, would you try it? What if you don’t like green tea? It doesn’t mean you can’t be productive, it just means you need a different approach. For you, you may be your most productive after you’ve brushed your teeth, or during your lunch break. Or after you take your dog on a walk. Maybe your productivity doesn’t work like that at all. Hell, your productivity may be like a wild stallion that just found itself in an apple and sugar cube factory. Either way, only you can decide how you are most productive, and how you take your eggs.

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Productivity and Cooking Eggs
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