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Prepare for Your Certification Test in No Time with F5 101 Exam Dumps

So you want to be a big player in tech? The F5 101 exam is a great way to start your certification journey in the prestigious F5 Network field.

Photo by Ali Yahya on Unsplash

If you are passionate about cloud optimization and data center, the F5 101 is a certification you might want to consider. There are many job potentials that can be accessed by professionals with this certification and there are great income potentials that come with the credentials well. The F5 Network certification is in high demand by majority of the fortune 50 organizations and many mid-sized enterprise companies. With headquarters in Seattle, F5 has continued to grow in revenue generation over the years.

The F5 Network certification is small, but the credentials offering course contents are designed to help professionals deploy, develop, and maintain the organization’s solutions and products. There are three different certifications in the F5 Network program and they are:

  • F5 CA– F5 Certified Big-IP Administrator
  • F5 CTS– F5 Certified Technology Specialist
  • F5 CSE– F5 Certified Solution Expert

To earn the F5 101 certification, the first step is to register with the F5-CMS (F5 Credential Management System) and submit your applicant agreement form. You will also be required to conclude a non-disclosure agreement before you can complete your registration. As soon as you complete your registration process, you can access the study guide that will help you prepare for your F5 101 certification exam. To sit for the test, you will need to pay an examination fee of $135. The exam is administered via Pearson VUE.

General Overview of the F5 101 Exam

The F5 101 certification exam is under the F5 Certified BIG-IP Administrator. As a matter of fact, there are two different exams that are administered on the F5-CA: Exam 101 (Application Delivery Fundamentals) and Exam 201 (TMOS Administration). This credential is designed to operate networks of application delivery and execute routine management, as well as troubleshooting of TMOS devices, also known as F5 Traffic Management OS.

You will be required to write the certification exams in order (that is, Exam 101 before Exam 201). This is because the Application Delivery exam acts as a prerequisite for the Traffic Management Operating System test. Before you register for the exam, F5 Networks recommend that you acquire a strong knowledge base of the TMOS components, protocols and concepts of networking, traffic management conceptions, and the process of working with virtual servers.

Training Courses for the F5 101 Exam

There are numerous training courses that can be accessed for the F5 101 certification exam. The F5 Education as well as other third parties offers live online courses and instructor led classroom trainings to get candidates prepared for the F5 certification exam. You can review the different education courses that are available for the exam in the Training Classes and Courses page on the official website of F5 Networking. You can also take advantage of the one-day training course available on the platform which costs $1,000 USD. You can also opt for the 4-day course which costs $4,000 USD.

In addition to these resources, there are also free Getting Started Courses that are available via F5 University and These courses are web based, self-paced training sessions that last about 45 minutes per course. The courses are designed to introduce the candidates to the different functionality and features of F5 solutions, application delivery customization tools, and fundamental BIG-IP configuration and administration. All you have to do is select the courses that apply to your certification requirements. For each certification exam, F5 provides a free study manual that you can access on the official platform. All you have to do is visit the page of your desired certification exam page and search for the link. The study guide is detailed enough to help you focus on important topics that you need to study in preparation for your exam. You can visit Amazon for a comprehensive list of all F5 exam kits and study guides. All you have to do is search through to get the detailed list.

In addition to the resources detailed above, the candidates seeking to earn the F5 certification are also advised to join the professional certified group. By joining this group, they will be able to gather the much needed exam preparation tips from other professionals who have already written the test. They can also share ideas and network with others in the group. You can also join the social media forum where you can learn a couple of things from other exam takers. F5 is available on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Career Potentials for the F5 Certification

F5 is focused on large network environments and as such, you can get such job positions as Systems Engineer, Consultant, Architect, Network Administrator, Network Engineer, and Network Specialist. There are usually more than 3,000 jobs that can be accessed on different job boards in the United States. In terms of salaries, professionals who possess certification in F5 have great salary prospects. For instance, a Software Engineer with the F5 certification earns an average of $115,000 and an Enterprise Network Engineer earns above $110,000. A Field System Engineer also has the potential to earn above $148,000.

It is important to mention that the questions for the F5 101 certification exam are not available to the general public. There are also no exam dumps on the Internet that you can use. For many professionals, this is an excellent measure that has been put in place because it makes the certification more reputable and reliable. When it comes to preparing for the certification exam, your best bet is to settle with the resource materials that have been recommended and study them in detail. Focus on the exam topics and learn all you can about the exam content. The Exam Blueprint will go a long way to help in your preparation in addition to the study guide and resource materials.


The F5 101 exam is a great way to start your certification journey in the prestigious F5 Network field. There are great potentials that you can access as you continue to progress in your quest to earn more certificates.

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Prepare for Your Certification Test in No Time with F5 101 Exam Dumps
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