Corporate Secrets: Signs That You’re Promotable

Richard Owens
in Culture

A friend of mine approached me and asked me, what are the signs that you're promotable? At first, I felt pity for him. This is because we graduated from college at the same time and both of us were lu...

Reasons Good Employees Quit

Patty Ramsen
in Culture

Many managers struggle to figure out the reasons good employees quit and why their staff turnover is always so high. This is because most of these employees do not explain themselves as they walk out ...

Best 80s Business Movies

Richard Owens
in Buyer's Guide

Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. The stress and the long hours can be demanding, but eventually, it will all (hopefully) pay off in the long run. Through the struggles, there is gr...

Signs You’re A Unicorn Employee

Leila Parker
in Culture

What are the signs you’re a unicorn employee? Or could you spot one amidst the long humdrum line in the labor force? Once in a while, someone will present himself out of the dark recesses of the offic...

The Winter Break Woes

Brittany Plante
in Humor

If you're anything like me - an overworked, underpaid college student - you haven't done much but work, sit on your ass, watch television, and catch up on your sanity since the end of the semester. No...

Habits of Profoundly Influential People

Patty Ramsen
in Culture

The habits of profoundly influential people help them to become more persuasive and powerful, both in their careers and throughout the other areas of their life. Adopting them yourself may involve mak...

The Success Behind 'Funko'

Stephen Hamilton
in Entertainment

Funko LLC sells over $30 million worth of Pop action figures a year. Funko CEO Brian Mariotti believes that the company's success is largely due to its versatility. "Whether it's the X-men or Breaking...

11 Films You Should Watch if You Want to Work for Microsoft or Facebook

Alejandro Guillú Mendoza
in Entertainment

This is the second part of the article 11 Films You Should Watch if You Want to Work for Satya Nadella or Mark Zuckerberg in an ongoing series about films you should watch if you want to work for the ...

Habits of Self-Made Millionaires

Lindsie Polhemus
in Culture

If you are looking to pursue your wildest dreams and live an opulent, luxurious lifestyle, it is important to cultivate the habits of self-made millionaires. The wealthiest of individuals in the world...

Unhealthiest Jobs In America

Richard Owens
in Culture

Not all jobs are equal, and some have huge risks compared to others. You may feel a lot better about your job after reading about some of the most unhealthy jobs in America. Or maybe worse, if your jo...

Work, Kids, College, Rotate

Matt Cates
in How To

Hard to type an essay on Gothic literature bouncing a baby on your knee. But with each bound of the red-headed binky sucker, I reminded myself: “This is what you wanted, man.” Homework was due on Ann ...