Seller’s Choice: The Growth and Benefits of Private Labeling

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“How To Get Out Of The Factory Game” gave you an overview of why sellers are moving towards private label brands at a high frequency. Sellers are becoming aware of brand name’s heavy supply chains, wh...

Never Give Up

Nicole Atkinson
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I migrated to Canada, from my home country of Jamaica with hopes of going to school and finding a job. I went ahead and applied to the Banks, because I had majored in Business. Many rejection letters ...


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About two months ago a friend of mine (who was also my roommate) told me he would be moving out by mid April. He was going to move back into his mom's place to save up for a while and then he would ba...

Generation Z in the Workplace: New Book Offers a Practical Guide for Managing a New Era of Young Workers

Nikki Gaskins
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MINNEAPOLIS, MN— While there has been an enormous amount of media coverage on Millennials in the workplace over the last several years, society appears to be losing sight of the 23 million Generation ...

The Honest Pros and Cons Of The Amazon Brand Registry

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The Amazon Brand Registry has been getting a lot of positive reviews on the manufacturer side, but it actually may be hurting some sellers and distributors.

Signs You're About To Be Laid Off

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Today's economy is not one where you can count on your job to be there in the next two years. It's just not. Between outsourcing, stock upheavals, cost-cutting and the occasional company folding, smar...

5 Fast Ways to Boost Your Likability at Work Starting Tomorrow

Barbara Kimmel
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Boosting your likability is easier than you think and the payoff can extend way beyond just you. Likability builds trust at work. Something that is in short supply these days yet is essential to a wel...

How To Create A Profit Boosting Amazon Bundle

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In our article Amazon Professional Selling Plan: Is It Right For Me?, we discussed the many benefits of choosing an Amazon Professional Program over the Individual Program. One such benefit is that Pr...

Career Advice From Famous Gangsters

Cato Conroy
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No parent in their right mind wants their kid to grow up to be a gangster. Gang affiliation comes with a price tag that can involve serious injury, long stints in jail, and even the deaths of family m...

What It's Like To Be: A Yogi

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Kim Stetz has been practicing yoga for over 25 years; after a long and arduous journey, she opened her New York yoga studio Savasana Station in 2014. In a city that never sleeps, she explains why "yog...

Conjunctions and Prepositions

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This article will discuss a technical aspect of writing; proper sentence structure, specifically dealing in conjunctions and prepositions. Conjunctions and preposition are only words, but they are imp...