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Oh the Wonders Never Cease...

..Joys of a Breadline Life

A cube of the fidget variety!!

The wages: 40+ hour weeks. Husband working part-time and yet we struggle. I tried like many others at uni, and I hated it! I'm glad I left—glad to be away from that.

I do miss the education but not the course nor the venue. I'm not naming names but it sucked!

So instead, I write. I am doing an at-home degree to have a future with the written word. But more on that later. But because I went into education and left, I am now at the bottom of the food chain.

My new job is easier to get to, pays weekly, and the social aspect is the bee's knees. But I am working my proverbial arse off living day-to-day. We have little monkeys in school who depend on us so the husband works part-time too and still we find it hard. You get to that living-to-work point in life—you hit 30—thinking what the hell?!

I live in hope that I will be like the late great John Mahoney and develop later to a lasting, loving career where I feel fulfilled but I also know it's a pipe dream. Like I said, my want is in the written word and at my age without a formal qualification, I have had one article published in a local newspaper. What I would give for a regular guest spot!

I work minimum wage plus 10p, so I make 7.60 an hour. Days are sporadic with a couple of regular days but still, it's not enough with the cost of living. I shop at Aldi because—it's a given—that shop rocks. The German meats are amazing! The Germans know their sausages and the special buys are epic at Christmas time. But now that is even starting to creep up. And how are we supposed to compete when even the budget supermarkets' prices are increasing?

I do feel that if it keeps going, it will drive people back to the likes of Tesco or Morrisons due to their superior stock choices and if there is barely enough difference in price, why the hell not? I would.

I don't know others' predicaments, but that is ours. I don't think we can afford to be fussy with our shopping and the staff in Aldi are just lovely. But they are still young and full of their ideas and naive to the ways of retail. They haven't had their souls sucked from them, asking if they would like that 5p bag or any of the extras off the shelf that are dirt cheap! I digress.

The point is consumers are at a low and those big bad businesses are rocking it. Prices increase due to Brex(shit)it and those of us who didn't want it have to reap what the nitwits have sewn.


I need more money to live and Richard Ayoade is going down for false advertisement!

Sorry. Brexit winds me up.

I don't trust our government; hell I don't trust the monarchy after the latest news from Paradise papers. I pay taxes, despite being paid pittance and these f*** beans, who have fifty quid notes to wipe their butts with, are making more money than they know what to do with.

I am an average Joe yes, but I also want prospects. And in the current economic climate, I see none. I will probably never be able to get a mortgage and leave nothing to my kids and that is such a sad future to face.

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Oh the Wonders Never Cease...
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