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Non-Profit Job Descriptions

What positions do I need to fill?

Somebody in charge will be the president, I will be the Vice President or whatever title I can come up with that suits the sort of job description needed. I need to have a consultant, a staff psychiatrist, (maybe because I’m not sure of this one just yet), a staff attorney, (this I know we need), and staff administrative assistant. It’d be cool to get a staff paralegal I can pay well as we all need salaries brought about by donations depending on how far I can push someone twice my size. I also need an experienced public relations person.

We need a staff computer systems analyst also to handle all the computer stuff that needs to be done and although I have some knowledge of this, I feel that I need to hire somebody who knows more. I’d hire only other disabled people so that everybody at my non-profit has a disability, period. This is what I envision for all my companies, even as my heart’s desire is to get a lovely health insurance package for all who work for my non-profit. We need many donations to keep us around. I also want to install cameras and sealed doors in the entrance because we have to keep abusers away from us.

If somebody wants to get their escaped scapegoat back, they will be sealed into the doors in a type of airlock. We will have a video linked to this cage of theirs while we film them being nasty to their victims. We also need an interoffice communications coordinator who will be hired when we have established other shelters like ours in other locations around the West first and then this idea can spread to other states. We would need a staff career counselor or consultant to be around for intake as we assess our client’s needs, strengths, and weaknesses when it comes to getting a job.

We would be helping people get on SSI or off SSI. We’d provide a shared workspace so that people who work from home can have another place to work from in a warehouse. We would also provide art studio spaces for people who have artistic inclinations. We would need an accountant, as well as a staff nurse, give or take the disabilities people have. We would need a shelter monitor as well as a peer counselor. A staff counselor would be as useful as a web designer since we need to make sure that people can find us on the Internet.

Another component I would use is that people would require a hotline that rivals NAMI’s because they really do provide a service for people. Many adult children of dysfunctional families are trapped in their families’ living situation or financial situation because they are dependent on them financially. Many people do not know how to escape this situation with or without a job. Some people are just plain stuck under their families’ thumb. This is what I want to work to free them from. Families make life convenient for disabled children while they, in fact, try to control them because they use their disability as an excuse to control people. Many disabled people are just as self-sufficient as their able-bodied counterparts. Sometimes for those who are chronically ill or in pain, they are lucky if they are having a good day. Disabled people need as much help as the next person finding a job because they automatically get rejected if their disability is visible since those of us with invisible disabilities do not have to say it, although for some of us it is in our best interest to mention things like Type 1 diabetes that can turn lethal quickly, for example. In conclusion, this non-profit’s time has come. We have to start fundraising. 

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Non-Profit Job Descriptions
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