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No Day Is the Same...

The Life of a Poler

Photo By Don Curry Photography 

I remember the days of the alarm going off at five AM. The feeling of do I have to and rolling over to grab my phone and snoozing it. Needing, wanting, craving, resisting the feeling to have to get up. Thinking do I need this job, do I have to go and deal with the same old stuff as always. Alarm goes off again, snoozing it again and staring at the ceiling, telling myself to get up because you have to. Finally rolling over, getting out of bed and immediately going to the kitchen to start coffee and proceeding to the bathroom to begin the "corporate face" process then continuing to the bedroom to complete my "corporate" look. Grabbing my coffee, purse, keys, my final thoughts, and out the door. 

Arriving to my "corporate" job and already scanning my environment, preparing myself for the day. Always watching, contemplating how everyone is acting. Trying to avoid confrontation and the storms that occur daily due to pressure from the headquarters office. Surviving my eight hours as I counted down every second after the small break of freedom—aka lunch, if I even took one. The moment we all look forward to and clocking out to leave!! Performing the ninja act and getting out to your car, hoping that no one sees you and stops you! The greatest feeling of turning your car on and pulling out of the parking lot.

That was my life for over thirteen years. Working the "business" attire, meetings, deadlines, training sessions, training new employees, marketing, sales, and more. The Monday through Friday with very few holidays off. 

My life is different now. No day is the exact same. It can be similar, but it's not. My days vary, my hours vary, my activities vary. My mornings vary.

I am awakened by my alarm clock going off. Thinking to myself what time is it? Rolling over to grab my phone and its blank o'clock. What day is it? It's blank day. Ok I need to get up and get ready. Turn on the coffee pot; wait, I'll do that at the studio. Wait... what classes am I teaching, how many are registered? Ok, I'll make a pot of coffee when I get there. Need to pack my pole bag and maybe (depends on the day) "regular" gym bag. Now to get dressed, time to put on my work clothes; sports bra, tank, shorts, socks, leggings, and shoes. Grab my breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Out the door I go.


I am awakened by my alarm clock going off. Thinking to myself what time is it? Rolling over to grab my phone and its blank o'clock. What day is it? It's blank day. Ok I need to get up and get ready. Turn on the coffee pot and make breakfast. Once I'm finished, I go pack my gym bags. Yup, bags!! Pack my pole bag, pack my "regular" gym bag. Now to get dressed, time to put on my work clothes; sports bra, tank, shorts, socks, leggings, and shoes. Grab my lunch and dinner. Out the door I go.

I am a pole instructor! I teach pole to males and females in a city in the south. Some days I teach morning classes, some days I teach evenings, some days I teach both morning and evening classes; I even teach on weekends! My mornings vary and so do the evenings and weekends. I am not restricted to a seven AM to six PM schedule. I will admit I miss having Saturdays and Sundays off. I miss having the opportunity go somewhere on the weekend to just get away. But hey, you win some, you lose some. 

Beside being an instructor, I am a pole competitor and performer. When I am not teaching, I am training at the studio or cross training at the gyms. I cross train at multiple gyms in multiple things to keep my body guessing. 

Let me give you an example of a day where I work a double (morning and evening classes). My usual morning routine of the alarm clock, waiting till I get to the studio to make coffee, grab my items, and walking out the door. Arriving to the studio, unlocking the door, turning the computer on, starting coffee and continuing the opening process. The doors are unlocked and students are arriving, checking them in and seeing how they are doing physically, emotionally and mentally. Look at the clock and walk into the "classroom" and begin class. Repeat the process numerous times until the last morning class ends. Do I have any students doing a private lesson with me? No, ok then time to eat my late breakfast (at this point, its lunchtime) and check the computer for emails and phone for messages. Eat while I am checking, responding back to those. Of course answering any of my students questions or concerns at this time. They all are officially gone and I have two maybe three hours before my evening classes begin. Time to go train! Do I have a competition coming up? Yes, need to work on those routines. Do I have a performance? Yes, work on that. Do I have a workshop? Yes, work on that. Do you need to create material or work on a combo you want to teach? Yes, work on that. Do you need to get your cardio up and tone? Yes, either train here or go to the "regular" gym. 

Finished doing whatever I chose during that time and must prepare myself for my evening classes. I need to each my lunch (it's now early evening) so I have energy to teach! Make sure to take my supplements for that extra boost! Studio doors are open! Rechecking the phone and computer for messages. Checking on my students and repeating the process like this morning. Look at the clock and walking in the "classroom" for round two! All the evening classes are done. Back to the computer one last time as they are grabbing their belongings and leaving.  Answering questions from them, the email, the phone, and of course social media. They are gone and I begin cleaning. While cleaning, debating if I need to train and the analyzing questions repeat again; do I have....

My biggest answer comes from my body, if it's too tired then I eat dinner, finish cleaning, lock up and go home. If it's a yes, I stay train for only an hour or so then eat dinner, finish cleaning, lock up, and go home. 

There are days where I just rest but who am I kidding, that's rare! I do have one definite day off unless I am out of town for competition, performance, events, or vacation. Vacation, that word. I miss that word and its meaning. My vacation is still connected to my pole life. 

My life is different now, its challenging, rewarding, it's pole.

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No Day Is the Same...
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