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My Week

Pateron, Uni, and Writing, Oh My!

I have started a Patreon for my books and writing. I am starting to realise that I want to do writing as a full-time job and that would be great, but I know I have to work for it, which is why I am starting this Patreon—so that I can pay for editors and for cover design so that I can start making money for my books!

I am also going to be writing every day and to make sure that I don't get writer's block, I'm going to have a schedule for my writing—so one day I will write one book, the next I will write another. One day I might write a few short stories or poems so I can mix it up a bit and counteract writer's block.

I am also thinking about quitting uni. I really do not feel as if I am enjoying the work and I don't want to continue doing something that I do not enjoy and force myself to do work which I really have no motivation to do.

I also have an exam... which I really do not want to do. And if I don't enjoy the work then I am not going to want to revise it. So I'm trying to get some advice from my tutors... I just don't know what to do.

I've started a new job. Maybe that is the reason—and that job is taking up all my time. I am wanting to start making money from writing at the same time as working on this job, so that when my contract ends in 14 months, I have something to fall back on, even if it isn't much money to begin with.

So that is my main focus for the next few months: trying to finish more books to upload and edit, and maybe try and set up Patreon for myself. I'm not 100 percent on how it works as of yet, but I am hoping that it is easy.

Edit: four months later, it was not easy! And I am still trying to figure it out. I will be writing more about this in the future and writing far more blogs as the new year comes through and starts getting further through January.

My job—which is an apprenticeship—has been extended which means that I can now feel safe and work on my writing and possibly start up a small business to make money on the side. Woohoo. In the meantime, I will continue working on my books, and working through those pesky edits that I have been saying I would complete months ago... I did not.

I am going to become far more productive with my writing and have even started to PLAN my books through and through before I even begin to write it, making sure that the bare bones of the characters and each twist and turn of the book I planned and mapped out so that I do not get stuck halfway through and stop writing—which is what I do not want!

I have even resorted to research... which is important for books based in the real world, but not so much for books in a world you yourself have created because you can literally create everything. Whereas a book in the real world, you have to research to make sure the information you have is correct.

I will be updating everyone what happens over the next few weeks and to let you know more about my author journey—not that people read these haha!

Anyway, I love you all.

See ya later!