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My Life in Vape

Clouds and Clouds

My Professional Life and Where I Want It To Go

I don't have a formal education. I never had the patience to make it all the way through college and that is a bit of a sore spot for me at my age. My sister, mother and father all have various degrees, yet my highest completed educational goal was high school. I am 34 years old and I finally found an industry that I want to be in and work for, being the vape industry. 

I had a small taste of it working for a small vape mod company, that will remain anonymous. Since we parted ways I have been looking for ways to work my way back in to the vaping industry. I am not talking about companies like Juul and others of that ilk, I am talking about e-juice companies, mod companies (mods are the device that you use to heat the juice in the attached tank and inhale), tank manufacturer and/or a store, but, that is harder than it seems. 

The vape industry is a multi-billion dollar giant at the moment, and if the trend continues, it will progress and grow. That's why tobacco companies are, at the moment, nervous because with flavors, device collectors, tank collectors and, most of all, money is being taken from their pockets and out into the pockets of e-cigarette/e-juice companies. It's helping people to stop smoking, which has had a vise-grip on people's lives for so long that most people who wanted to quit, couldn't. They were trapped in a never ending circle of braving the elements just to get a nicotine fix. Now with vaping becoming more and more popular, people can quit smoking and have fun doing it. 

So as an introduction to this article, I am going to bring you honest, friendly reviews of devices I have used, juices (and there are plenty) that I have tasted and news within the industry. Please come back for more articles about vaping news and reviews. I love juices so that will be my main focus, but I will try to throw in a few articles about tanks, coils and devices.

As a starter, my favorite device that I am using is by a company called VooPoo (weird name, I know) and the device is called Too. On top of that sits my HorizonTech Falcon tank with the M1 coils that use wood fiber instead of the traditional cotton that most tank manufacturers use. Believe me or not, it does make a difference in how your juice tastes. The Too runs on dual 18650 batteries (think AA only HUGE) and the batteries run in series. That means that the it only uses one battery at a time. When battery A runs out, the device will start using battery B. Technology like that is how you get more vaping out of your device. Amazing times we live in, am I right?

Thank you for reading this far and I do, sincerely, hope to see and hear from you as time passes. I enjoy writing in general, even if I am not that gifted at it. Hopefully, I will get better and better the more I post. My passion is about vaping, the culture of it, the advocacy of vaping and trying out new devices and juices. So as time goes on, I will try to review or make comments based on experience, but in a very respectful way. People put a lot of hard work into whatever product I write about, I don't see a reason to lash out, bash, or negatively downplay their hard work. If I love something, you'll tell. If I disagree, or do not like something, I will give reasons why. Ultimately, the decision is yours and yours alone on whether or not you purchase whatever I have reviewed. See you later!!